6 Ways to Attract the Most Talented Employees

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The competition to attract top-notch employees is tough – are you doing all you can to get them on your side? Here are 6 ways you can catch the attention of A-grade talent.

Big name companies hardly ever suffer a shortage of job applicants; however, start-ups and SMEs face several challenges drawing in premium stocks of talent. Can anything be done to get the crème de la crème to join your cause? Here’s a list of things you can do to bring them over to the dark side (or light side, whichever you are):


1. Build a kickass company website

It’s the first stop for any good would-be employee. So here’s your chance to shine and relay the right kind of information.

For companies that aren’t well-known to the public, a strong website shows first off, that you are indeed legitimate. But what exactly makes a website ‘kickass’? Aside from the basics of appearing well-organized with links that redirect accurately, a great website should give the impression that it was created professionally. This means sufficient content, proper grammar and regular updates.

From the perspective of future employees, your kickass website needs to be equipped with a dedicated HR page. Here, you can take the opportunity to impress prospective employees with what you can offer, as well as tell them what it is you are looking for. Not only are you potentially attracting top employees, but rather ones, that also meld with the culture of your company.

Sime Darby’s career page is an excellent example what an effective HR section should look like. It highlights their diverse staffer pool, previews the experience of working for them, and more importantly, lists out highly-sought training programs. With a page like this, future employees have access to valuable insight that you can design to deepen interests in the company.


2. Be seen and heard


Image credit: siliconwellness.com
Image credit: siliconwellness.com

It’s not that you have to be on every billboard, in fact, many top companies do just fine working in the background, and most B2B companies tend to operate this way.  What’s important is that you develop a presence within your industry, no matter the size of your firm.

How do you do this? One way is to gain an online presence, which may be done inexpensively by utilising social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. You may also employ the use of a blog to brag about your CSR activities, announce news about your company, and publish other industry-specific stories that could highlight your place as a significant player.

For smaller companies, if it is applicable to your business format to advertise, then do negotiate a spread or editorial piece in relevant publications for a little more face time.


3. Perk up compensation and benefits programs

The cost of transportation has gone way up – petrol, toll, and the like, but your mileage cover is over 10 years old? That’s not going to fly with top employees, because they are used to getting the good stuff.

Most jobseekers have a pretty good idea of what generous, basic and mediocre benefits look like, so if yours isn’t up to par, don’t expect the shining stars to be too impressed. Of course you don’t have to offer the sun and the moon, just be fair and good employees will appreciate that.  

Review salary levels and benefits in comparison to other companies in your industry, and try to offer similar packages within that scale.  If indeed, you can afford to perk it up a little, then consider this list of the most appreciated and sought after benefits:

  • Comprehensive medical & insurance coverage
  • Maximum employer EPF contribution
  • Training and education reimbursement
  • Performance bonuses
  • Company loans for home or car purchase
  • Gym memberships

If your company is tightening its purse strings however, then you’ll need to get creative with compensation offers.  Consider applying non-money benefits such as flexi-hours, telecommuting and extended annual leave days.

Make your attractive benefits known to jobseekers by including these amazing perks on your job ads and HR page.


4. Showcase your top employees


Image credit: emperordesign.co.uk
Image credit: emperordesign.co.uk


Shining stars tend to attract one another, so light a beacon and more A-grade employees will follow. Draw attention to your top performing people by acknowledging their triumphs on your website, company social media page or even by posting on LinkedIn.

With this, not only are you showing appreciation and validation for the successful labour of your employees, you’re also seamlessly highlighting the achievements of your organization.  

Similarly, make it a point to introduce your new hires with a welcome message that communicates their particular accomplishments and accolades. This will further enforce the image that a powerful team is working behind you and be a source of encouragement for other power players to join in.  


5. Be more than just money

Yes, offering higher starting salaries or promising increments is attractive and tempting – but this is not the only way to attract the cream of the crop. Besides, you don’t want people who are only in it for the money; you want commitment, a sense of responsibility and real leaders.

These people are hard to come by, in fact, they are usually drawn to something more than just financial gain – they want growth potential for the time they’ll be investing. It’s the same thing you would look for in an investment, a proper return.

Looking beyond money, executives and those moving on to managerial positions want the chance to develop professionally. Be ready to offer up opportunities for advancement, this could mean anything from implementing mentorship programs to fast-tracking the careers of top performers with managerial training schemes.


6. Brand Yourself as a Top Employer

This is easier said than done because it involves building a reputation which takes time and a real commitment to fulfill your promise as a good employer. In other words, you’ll have to walk the walk.

For example, Shell –  voted one of The World’s 100 Most InDemand Employers 2014 – regularly conducts employee surveys in an effort to listen to their peoples’ needs for improvement. So in this case, the key to branding as a top employer lies with your current employees and how they perceive the work environment.

Furthermore, effective branding requires an ongoing effort. If you look at the rankings for  Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers, you’ll see that Maybank has made the Top 5 from 2012 to 2015, and if you look closer you’ll also notice that the list is dominated by mostly the same players, year in, year out.  This is because continuity is also an important part of branding, and thus, an active and constant push to attract the best people needs to be in place for your brand to sustain.

Quick question – what’s the most valuable and underrated asset in your company?  You guessed it! It’s the creative, highly-capable folks who work tirelessly to support your operations, rain or shine. Isn’t it awesome that you now know how to attract more of them?



This article was written by Desiree Nair, who is a contributing writer for referjobs.my.

8 Overused Excuses For Missing Work

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My dog ate my homework. I forgot to save my file. I was staying up all night to complete my work but I left it at home. 

These were the common excuses we used as children. Sometimes we could sneak away unharmed but other times, well not so lucky.

Times change, season change, but excuses never change. We may become wiser as we grow older but our excuses can still be downright elementary at times.

So in honor of those who can’t make it to work because your sister’s friend’s boyfriend’s mother’s nephew’s goldfish has become food for worms, here are 8 overused excuses for missing work: (Warning: these excuses may or may not work, so your boss may not buy it, you’ve been warned!)

P.S: Also, this list is for humor purposes only.


1. My alarm didn’t go off


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

What better way then to kickoff the list with one of the classics – the good ol’ “my alarm didn’t go off” excuse. You set your alarm to at a wrong time which consequently resulted in you waking up in another dynasty, so you figure that you might as well just work from home since it’s pointless to get to work late only to face stares, a chuckle or two here and there and guilt (guilt like when there’s only two person in the room and you farted and you have no choice but to forcefully raise your hand that you’re guilty) as you walk through the door right? Your rational mind tells you.

Yep, totally believable and plausible.


2. Health reasons

Food poisoning, migraine, fever, the flu, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, stomach ache, back ache, tooth ache, brain ache, toe ache, your left nostril aches and the endless other aches that you could possibly imagine or conjure up, chances are they are already in the book of excuses.


But, but, but, the doctor said that I had a severe case of diarrhea. (GIF credit: tumblr.com)


3. My car won’t start

Okay, you have no health problems – everything’s A-OK with you – and being the exemplary employee that you are, you set the alarm off at an earlier time so that you can wake up early for work.

True enough, you wake up early the following day while it’s still dawn, take your shower and calmly have your breakfast while reading the paper. Then you get to your car, ready to start your day….only to find out that your car won’t start – no matter how desperately you try.

So naturally, the rational step is for you to call in to inform your boss that you can’t come in for work right? Taking into consideration that you live in a remote farmhouse and there are no other modes of transportation to get to work, mobile applications like Uber and GrabCar doesn’t exist and car pooling is so totally out of the picture.


4. My kid has gotten into trouble at school

Whether if your child gets called into the principal’s office or if he or she wet their pants (again), you – being the awesome parent that you are – would want to be there for your child when duty calls no? Plus, it’s very unlikely that your employer will deny you the opportunity to attend to your child’s needs.


Booyah! Another free pass to skip work. (GIF credit: tumblr.com)


5. The “I have cramps” card

If your boss is a guy and he is unsympathetic, he’s a d*****b**. If your boss is a lady and could resonate with your situation but yet is still unsympathetic, she’s a d*****b**. If your male colleagues are unsympathetic, they are d*****b***. If your female colleagues could resonate well with your situation but yet is still unsympathetic….. well you get the idea. Moving on.


When you give a “that time of the month” look to others.


6. Family emergencies

Sure, family emergencies are unpredictable and it’s always, ALWAYS more important to be by their side than anything else in the world, no matter the circumstances – even if it means missing the biggest business deal of your life (well kinda, I’m kidding. Don’t.).

Having said that however,  it’s also one of the most overused excuses. For that, below is a sample of a simple excuse template that you can use for your next excuse appointment. Good luck!


Dear boss, 

Like an arrow piercing my heart – it pains me to do this, but due to the horrific, unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, my *insert family member here* was *insert imaginary event here* on *insert date of imaginary event here*.  As such, I was unable to be present for work. I will, however, complete *insert fake promises here* as soon as I am back as I already have one hand on it.

Yours sincerely,

*Insert name here*


7. My car’s in the workshop


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Yeah. (Image credit: memegenerator.net)


8. Absent without reason/notice

Nothing at all. Not a sound, a phone call, or a word. Just like fart gone with the wind.

It will be like a "where's Waldo" moment
It will be like a “where’s Waldo?” moment.




5 Reasons Why Referrals Are the Best Way to Hire

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We probably don’t have to tell you how hard it is to hire the right person for the job, but just in case you didn’t know – it’s really, really hard! Yes, HR professionals spend time, money and effort trying to fit the perfect candidate (or near-perfect) to the position at hand. The keyword here is ‘trying’.

They don’t always get the ones they need, so what if there was a better way to source for candidates than simply posting an ad on an online job board, in a newspaper or through a standard job portal? Well, there actually is a better way and we call them job referrals.

What’s a job referral, you ask? Well, it’s simply the act of asking referrers to dig through their network to recommend a candidate that they believe is a strong fit for a position being offered. The referrer gets a reward, the employer finds an ideal candidate and the would-be employee gets closer to his or her dream job. Win-win-win! Sounds like something that could work?  Well, guess what, it actually does!

Here are five reasons why referrals really are the best way to hire:


1. You’re getting someone else to do the initial legwork

It’s no easy feat – from placing a job ad, to screening, interviewing and so forth – the entire selection and hiring process can be a gruelling one for both employer and employee. With referrals however, you are essentially shortening the route to discovering the best guy or gal for the job.

Just think about this, not only do these endorsed leads come with strong references, the referrers are essentially finding you an applicant, performing an initial screening and, giving you the information you need to see why this candidate deserves your attention.

Adding to that, referral candidates are also quicker hires, in that they tend to accept job offers more often than those who apply via job boards. Time is money and nobody wants to waste it on candidates that turn down offers after all the effort.


2. You’ll be tapping into a pool of suitable candidates

Having a lot of applications does not mean much if slightly less than half the applicants are unqualified and unsuitable for the positions being offered.


(Image credit: openaccessbpo.com)

In fact, a large quantity of submissions may work against an employer due to the time consuming nature of weeding through hundreds, sometimes even thousands of applications. Furthermore, the HR department could miss out on a good candidate that simply gets lost in a sea of incompatible applicants.

Referrals make more sense and trump job boards especially when there are fewer positions to fill.  It is essentially easier to meet the right person when you have a collection of candidates that are proficient and suited to perform the job being offered.


3. You’re getting employees that work harder to impress

It’s a good feeling when someone vouches for your abilities; it shows that they have confidence in you. This is primarily why employees who have been referred perform with a sense of responsibility, determination and to some extent, even gratitude for the endorsements received.

In addition, referred candidates go on to pay this kindness forward to their employers by being more loyal and working a lot harder (estimated to perform 15% better than hires from other channels)!

But since employee and friendly networks only go so far, the responsibility to increase the stream of worthy leads will fall to sites like ReferJobs. This referral portal takes reference-based hiring a step further by opening up a whole new range of connections for employers to engage quality candidates.


4. You can maximise company selection and hiring resources

It almost takes a village to find a quality candidate to fill even an entry-level position, so expectedly; HR professionals are going to need all the help they can get. However, help costs money and while simply placing a job ad online may be cheaper – it isn’t guaranteed to bring you the candidates you need.

The saying, ‘do it right the first time’ applies here because it means that you will need to repeat the hiring process over and over again for the same position, incurring more costs, if it isn’t done properly from the get-go. For example, ask yourself what would happen if you simply aren’t able to fill a position?  You will likely seek out other sources (or repost) which costs more money and then more time to screen through applicants again!

A referral system however, works like a spotlight on better candidates – the rewards offered to the referrer increases the likelihood of more solid and capable candidate recommendations. All may be accomplished in less time with less money spent and less effort!


5. You’re getting employees that stay longer


Image credit: joinstratosphere.com
Image credit: joinstratosphere.com

People leave companies for all sorts of reasons; poor compensation, minimal chance of promotion and perhaps even a dingy office environment.  But why do people stay? Is it that they are happy or content with their jobs? Yes, quite likely. In fact, more than half interviewed in the 2012 American Psychological Association workforce retention survey say that they actually enjoy the work that they do – what a novel idea! But it’s true and this is what companies strive for, productive employees that really do like their jobs.

Need more proof? In a survey conducted by Jobvite, 47% of those hired through referrals were retained for over 3 years while only 14% of those hired through job boards could last the same period. Of course employee retention and loyalty is not a black and white issue, but the correlation cannot be denied and the success of referral programs is certainly making a compelling case.


Hiring is a Lot like Dating

Sans romance of course, but the concept is the same. You are on a mission to find Mr or Ms Right, but there are always obstacles and limitations to what can be achieved. So you look for other ways…

In the exact same way that you would get your buddy to set you up on a date with someone they know you’d like, the process of hiring a candidate through a referral is comparable. It’s not often that you would start a relationship with a complete stranger, so why should hiring be any different?

In fact, for any relationship to be long and mutually fruitful, in employment or otherwise – there needs to be synergy between the needs and wants of both parties.  And if referral programs can help achieve such harmony, more power to it!



This article was written by Desiree Nair, who is a contributing writer for referjobs.my.

How To Best Utilize ReferJobs


Apple Vs Samsung, PlayStation Vs Xbox, Nirvana Vs Guns N’ Roses, Marvel Vs DC – there’s always a side that you need to pick, or is there? It’s not illegal to go for both so why not utilize the opportunity to go guns-blazing and aim for the maximum benefit?


Share or share not, there is no try

Obviously, the core of ReferJobs is the idea of job sharing and the rewards that comes along with it. There are two ways referrers can share jobs – through public sharing via their social networking accounts or sharing it directly through email.refer-jobs


Public sharing is when referrers share jobs from the ReferJobs page to his/her respective social network page, and then to their friends.

Just like posts on Facebook, referrers will be given the option to select who they want to share it with as well as the number of people to share with. This is highly important because it allows referrers to filter the list of people to share with which in turn reduces the redundancy of the job postings to be seen as spams on the news feed of their friends.

Direct sharing is a more personal as well a simpler approach to sharing a job. All the referrer needs to do is to click on the email icon, enter the recipient’s email and write a short message to notify him/her.


Fill in your details

Imagine that you’re searching for a new apartment. After months of fruitless searching, you finally stumbled upon an advertisement of an ideal place at a very reasonable price. You hurriedly reach for your phone to contact the seller, only to find that the seller did not provide his/her full contact details and thus you are unable to contact him/her. Get the picture?

Whether if it’s your full name, your IC number or your account number, for obvious reasons, you details are vital.


Be active on ReferJobs

One of the key of being an excellent referral is to be active on ReferJobs as things are always happening and it’s good to be on the front seat when new jobs are available. That way you could always share new jobs to your connections and stay ahead of the curve.


Keep up-to-date with your applicants

You don’t have to stalk your applicants like a hawk, what you can do however, is to keep tabs on their job application process – and you can do that by clicking the notification icon to keep up-to-date with all the happenings and goings.

Time is of the essence, so keeping up to date with your applicants ensures that no time will be lost and also ensures that the communication process will be smoother. Plus no one likes to be left hanging.








200,000 Graduates Are Still Unemployed In The Country

Image credit: economics-unemployment.blogspot.com


Image credit: ringgitplus.com
Image credit: ringgitplus.com


Just when you think things couldn’t be worse in this worsening economy, there are 200,000 graduates in this country that are still unemployed, according to Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) chief executive Shamsuddin Bardan.

He also said that both the government and private sectors need to take drastic actions to combat the worrying figures.

“The government and the private sector should work together to address this problem,” he said, as quoted by Utusan Malaysia.

“This crisis began back in 2013 when the government decided to increase the retirement age, consequently, the private sector did not recruit new employees to replace the current ones.

“The government has also cease to recruit fresh faces into the workforce, which are between 13,000 to 15,000 graduates. In the private sector on the hand, it’s largely down to the stagnant economy.

“Most organizations are taking the wait and see approach as the future remains largely ambiguous, while others are forced to retrench their staff.

Shamsuddin also added that many of the graduates do not command good English as they are mostly from rural areas.

“Some of these youths are from rural areas, and do not know how to be as presentable as their urban counterparts.

“This phenomenon will cause various social issues in the long run. I hope the government will give incentives to employers so that they do not have to retrench workers, and also award those who hire unemployed graduates,” he concluded.

Source: http://www.utusan.com.my/berita/nasional/200-000-siswazah-berijazah-menganggur-1.142516




Discussions You Shouldn’t Bring To The Break Room At Work

Image credit: thegrindstone.com
Image credit memegenerator.net
Image credit memegenerator.net


As the saying goes, some things are better left unsaid or, untouched. The break room at work is the place for people to briefly escape the stresses from work. Interesting topics that can get the conversation going are always welcomed with open arms and a little bit of humor here and there wouldn’t hurt too; but some topics should be avoided as it may trigger an awkward situation between you and your colleagues.  So, unless if your goal is to alienate yourself from the rest of your colleagues, then you should really avoid these discussions:


1. Your personal problems


GIF credit: thefrisky.com

You have problems. I have problems. Everyone has problems, but don’t just go pouring your heart out to everyone at the office about the problems in your life as you’ll paint a picture of a desperate person who needs a shoulder to cry on and the notion that “my problem is bigger than yours”. Unless if your problems are big enough that you truly need someone to talk to (i.e death in the family, internal problems), don’t bring your personal issues to your colleagues as they already have their own problems to deal with.


2. Your bedroom life

Straight off the bat, what happens in your bedroom should strictly remain in the bedroom. Don’t gloat about how wild you and your partner were last night or talk about any of your dreadful sexual experiences in the past because quite frankly, no one really wants to know not to mention it makes those around you downright uncomfortable. Furthermore, Asian cultures tend to be a tad bit more conservative so there are boundaries of what is more – should I say, “appropriate” to share.


3. Bad news


GIF credit: rebloggy.com

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys but… ” You don’t want to be the person that brings bad news to the table, especially during a conversation in the break room because it’s the place where people generally chill and take a moment to escape from work. Naturally, the last thing that they want to hear during a conversation is news that someone would be laid off or the complications of a business deal.


4. Political/religious views


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

Everyone has different opinions, ranging from fashion to sports to which OS is superior and yes, including political ideologies and religious beliefs.

But unlike most conventional topics, religion and politics are usually very controversial topics that divides people as they’re usually sensitive about it. Bringing up and imposing either your political or religious views spells trouble and is likely to create friction among you and your colleagues.


5. Bad mouthing your colleagues

Anything that you say will and can be used against you. We’ve all heard it countless times before on television, whenever the police make an arrest they will utter these words – known as the Miranda warning – to an offender. Bad mouthing your colleagues in front of your other colleagues, is like shooting yourself in the foot. In addition to that, your words might be used against you in the future if word managers to reach the ear of your superiors it could cost you your job.


So there you have it folks, 5 things that you shouldn’t bring to the break room. Remember, the break room is meant for a place to relax, it’s where interesting topics, light-hearted conversations and humor occurs.

Of course, that’s not to say that we can’t talk about the topics above, but it largely depends on many factors ranging from the level of friendship with your colleagues and of course, timing as well.

You may not have the intention to offend somebody and maybe it’s part of your personality to speak your mind or to express yourself, but to those who might not know you too well, it seems offensive.

What is ReferJobs, how is it different from other job recruitment sites and how can you benefit from it?

Image credit: careerrocketeer.com

If you’re reading this then you’ve either heard of ReferJobs or the name ReferJobs have obviously intrigued your interest to visit this site. In any case, we would like to welcome you as it’s a great pleasure to have you on our site!


Who are we?

Are you experiencing trouble recruiting the right people to join your organization? Are your job ads in job recruitment sites increasingly costly yet unfruitful? Do you feel like your potential is yet to be discovered by others? Is diluting a huge pool of applicants both redundant and taxing?

Enter Referjobs. Referjobs was born with the belief that job and talent referrals can be effortless yet amazingly rewarding. In addition by providing the best platform for expediting your job recruitment process, our aim is to spare you the redundancy of screening candidates, to help you with cost savings, better ROI and last but not least, excellent reimbursement for our referrals. Our objective is to allow you to widen your reach to untapped potentials through the social media as well as through our referral pool.


How does ReferJobs Work?

In most conventional job portals, employers will pay to get their job advertised. Jobseekers will then be allowed to apply for jobs that they’re interested/jobs that are relevant to their skill. Next, the HR department or the hiring managers will screen through and then select a list of candidates to be interviewed. Unfortunately, the process and results could be lengthy and perhaps unsatisfactory.

Employers may have to settle with someone who does not fit the organization’s culture while jobseekers would want to know more about the organization such the working culture and the awesome people who works there.

There are also other factors that are beyond something that’s written down on a piece of paper, such as both employers and applicants would like to get to know the person behind he paper

ReferJobs differs greatly in that aspect as we acknowledge the importance of a symbiosis relationship between employers and a jobseekers.

We advocate the simplicity of sharing jobs through the various online social networking platforms and more importantly, making job referrals rewarding.


In short, anyone can be a referral. You can refer your friends, peers or family and get rewarded via a referral fee for every applicants that successfully lands the job, while employers will be able to reach a far wider spectrum of quality applicants.

That’s it really. That’s how simple it is!


Image credit: vitaver.com
Image credit: vitaver.com


Here’s how each will benefit:


  • You have the green light to post as many job ads as you please without any additional charges.
  • Your job ads will reach a wider range of spectrum, thanks to the option to share it on social media platforms through our referrals.
  • All you need to do is to post your job ads and our referrals will handle the nitty-gritty. They will even execute the screening process for you and provide you necessary information on the applicants that they’ve screened.
  • We’ll provide you the user friendly ATS (Application tracking system) for you to schedule interviews, update the hiring status and of course having the final say in the hiring process. Think of the endless amount of exposure that your job ads can reach! The sky is truly the limit. Still confusing? Just head on to our FAQ section to have a better grasp of how the process works.
  • Best of all, did we mentioned that you don’t have to pay a single cent for your job ads? We’ll only charge you when applicants are successfully hired.




  • You get to refer your people that you know, whether they are your peers, family members or virtually anyone who is ideal for the job.
  • You’ll be reimbursed for each successful candidate that you’ve referred! So in essence, the more candidates that you’ve referred gets hired, the more reimbursement you’ll receive!
  • If you’re concerned about the referring process fret not, because we’ll be providing you the necessary guidelines and information plus the portal tools to ensure a smooth and easy referral process.


  • You’ll get updates from jobs that may have previously been unreachable to you.
  • Your referrals will also give you the edge by promoting your core values and if you’re hired we’ll even send you a little gift as a token of our sincerest congratulations to you! Getting hired and getting a gift? How often does that happen in life?


In a nutshell, we want to ensure that the job hiring process becomes as simplistic yet effective as much as possible. In the end, the employer will get the candidate that they’re looking for, the candidate gets a job, referrals will get to rewarded for their efforts, the HR department will save time and energy on unnecessary filtration of applicants and we’ll be happy because we’ve referred the right candidate for the right organization. A true win-win-win situation!

Learn Or Learn Not, From Star Wars Quotes We Can

Image credit: zombieranchcomic.com

In light of the new Star Wars trailer that probably sent nerds all over the world into nerdgasm overdrive, let’s take a stroll back to look at some of the quotes from characters that we’ve come to love a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


1. Do or do not, there is no try


Image credit: zombieranchcomic.com
Image credit: zombieranchcomic.com

Of course the original trilogy are deeply loved and adored by fans because it’s a pure space opera that has epic space battles while it also focuses on  human values such believing in oneself, not giving up hope and trusting those around you, instead of all the parliament and political nonsense that’s present in the new trilogy. The original trilogy also has characters that are much more memorable and to look past none other than one of master Yoda’s arguably best quotes, hard it is.

A young Luke Skywalker finds himself training with master Yoda on the swampy planet Dagobah so that he can learn to control the force. As he finds himself unable to execute the majority of Yoda’s training but nevertheless promises try his best, Yoda correctly points out that his lack of self-belief is his downfall and firmly asserts that he must do, not try.


2. Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is


The only time when children are allowed to play with weapons. (Image credit: modernservantleader.com)
The only time when children are legally allowed to play with weapons. (Image credit: modernservantleader.com)

The second entry on this list is another immortal quote by our little green Jedi master. Yoda is over 900 years old and probably has enough wisdom, knowledge and experience of several lifespans. He commands huge admiration and respect from all walks of life, especially among the ranks of the Jedi – as a great teacher.

Despite this, he knows that there are things that even he – with all his knowledge and experience – doesn’t know.

However he is not dismissal or afraid to ask his students for their opinions and point of view – even children, as even great teachers can sometimes learn a thing or two from their students.


3. Never tell me the odds


Image credit: whosthebomb.com
Image credit: whosthebomb.com

A classic quote by the outlaw Han Solo and is widely used by fans humorously when they find themselves in a bleak situation. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we’re against the odds and have a mountain to climb – ala a David vs Goliath situation. We can only achieve what we want by having faith in ourselves in order to overcome them. After all, most successful people overcome obstacles by transcending themselves.


4. Who’s more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?


Image credit: pinterest.com
Image credit: pinterest.com

When Han Solo, C-3PO and Chewbacca question Obi-Wan’s decision to do the seemingly suicidal task of infiltrating the Death Star, the ever-wise Obi Wan asked a rhetorical question that they could not conjure an answer.

It’s easy to blame someone for their mistakes, but if we blindly follow them without questioning their decision or without knowing the consequences, then the bigger fool would be us as it proves that we lack the cognitive brainpower from learning from their mistakes. A fool makes mistakes, the fool who follows the fool amplifies it.


5. The force is strong with this one

According to Obi-Wan in A New Hope, The force is “an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us, penetrates us, and binds the galaxy together”. Since the force plays a fundamental role in the Star Wars saga, it’s not uncommon to hear the phrase “may the force be with you” throughout the Star Wars films.

In general, the phrase is use to wish someone luck, but it’s also an analogy to trust your instincts and do your best because there are luminary powers that transcend beyond our physical bodies or what we can control.


6. You must unlearn what you have learned


Image credit: gamesradar.com
Image credit: gamesradar.com

While he was continuing his training with Yoda, Luke’s perception of reality strongly contradicted Yoda’s spiritual and almost pristine teachings. He has difficulty accepting that something as magical as the force exists because it challenges his conventional beliefs. It is only then when Yoda gives him this phrase of wisdom that he allows himself to accept and learn, that he could finally grasp the foundation of Yoda’s teachings.

There are a broad range of factors that defines us in how we think and behave – age, gender, education, background and exposure are some of the examples, that is why everyone can formulate their own opinions and people believe what they want to believe.

We are learning everyday and sometimes the philosophy and things that we learn and come to believe challenges the conventional and conservative way of how we once perceive the world. It’s like discovering that an apple is actually an orange and not actually an apple after years and years of mislead.

So in order to allow creativity and change, we must allow ourselves to drop the traditional stigmas and to accept new ideas so that we can allow ourselves to evolve and progress. What may work in the past may not work at the present.


7. Your Jedi mind tricks don’t work on me

Despite Qui-Gon Jinn’s attempts to use the Jedi mind trick on Watto (who owns Anakin Skywalker) to manipulate him into letting Anakin go, it ultimately backfired miserably because he could see through Qui-Gon’s inconspicious Jedi trick.

Always analyze things from top to bottom and try to see through because some things are too good to be true as there may be a hidden motive. Stand firm, trust your guts and don’t succumb to greed then you should have a clear idea of what you want.



Top Things To Have At The Office Pantry!

Image credit: hellawella.com

Other than the conventional 1 hour lunch break, we spend the remaining portion of our time at the office well, working. The general consensus is that the longer we spend our time working, the more it translates to our productivity (very far-fetched I know, but bear with me).

But a research done by Cornell University showed that work accuracy increased by 13% among the participants who were reminded to take short breaks between work compared to those who did not. The fastest typist also made 40% lesser errors compared to those who were not reminded to take breaks.

So what does this ultimately mean? Well for starters, it means that humans are unlike robots who can function on a consistent basis. We need to take a few minutes off from our computer screens every now and then to relax and unwind so that we can improve our cognitive thinking as habitual processes both restricts and kills creativity.

Some organizations have television sets, spa or beanie cushions for their employees to take a moment to take their mind off work.

For the rest of us who do not have the luxury like some offices, we can curse our luck or our fates all we want, but in truth, a relaxing and comfortable pantry that has most of the essential items would be decent enough for employees to take a moment to recharge and socialize with some of their colleagues in order to drift from work. Ideally, here are some of the things that every pantry should have:


1. Water dispenser/water cooler


Image credit: activerain.com
Image credit: activerain.com

70 percent of our body consists of water, and that tells a whole lot about the importance of water to our body. Keeping hydrated is crucially important for the maintenance of the muscles and organs while it helps to eliminate waste products that are discharged from our bodies. So needless to say a water dispenser/water cooler at the office is much more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Without water there can be coffee, tea or even instant oats.


2. Coffee machine


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

Speaking of coffee, Malaysians in general, have a craze for coffee. Besides the many western coffeehouse franchises such as Starbucks and other western-influenced cafe establishments, Malaysians have their own versions of different varieties of coffee that are available in kopitiams nationwide. So it’s safe to say that coffee is certainly part of the Malaysian culture and at work, it’s no different.

Some people are coffee addicts who simply need coffee to get the engine going, otherwise they would be stuck in second gear. To these freaks, coffee is like an elixir to them as that caffeine intake helps to boost their productivity and concentration. A pantry that doesn’t have any coffee may affect the morale of office.


3. Cutlery


Image credit: treehugger.com
Image credit: treehugger.com

Whether if their disposal ones or not, cutlery should always be readily available in the pantry for obvious reasons – making coffee, eating and for spreading your favorite spreads on your bread/biscuits.


4. Microwave oven

With the high cost of living and inflation rates that are currently out there, it isn’t all that surprising to see people tightening their purse strings and finding ways to save cost – one of them being packing homemade lunches from home. However, it’s very likely that their food would be cold by lunch time so they would need to reheat their food, therefore a handy microwave oven is good to have around to boost the office morale.


5. Sugar, spice and everything nice


GIF credit: endlesslytraveling.tumblr.com

Whether if it’s sugar, salt, ketchup, barbecue sauce or spices, there can never be enough condiments as different people have different tastes and there are a zillion ways to use those items.


6. Refrigerator


Image credit: someecards.com

A fridge will allow everyone at the office to store their lunches, fruits, candies, chocolates, milk, cakes, cheese, chilled drinks, those expensive organic spreads and last but not least, for tea and coffee lovers – creamers. A nice bottle of champagne for a future celebration wouldn’t hurt either.


7. Tidbits


Image credit: hellawella.com
Image credit: hellawella.com

We get our fuel and energy mainly through consuming food and there are but a few things that makes people happier than food, so it’s great to have a few biscuits, bread, canned food or potato chips laying around so that people can work without an empty stomach. For a more healthier and nutritional alternatives, nuts, fruits and carrots would be ideal for the health junkies around.


8. Newspapers/magazines

Of course the pantry doesn’t need to be just about food, some entertainment would be something welcoming as well. It can be a breath of fresh air to read an interesting article in a magazine or newspapers instead of staring at a phone or iPad while enjoying a short coffee break. Different varieties of magazines would be an icing on the cake.


9. Cool decorations

Computers, laptops, photocopy machines, the endless noise of buzzing phones; the office environment can feel extremely mundane to many, which is a bad thing because as mentioned above, it restricts and kills creativity. People become creative through inspiration and there’s nothing inspirational about computers and office desks. That is why many organizations invest heavily in making their employees feel less like needing to come to work but rather wanting to come to work, to make them feel comfortable and above all, happy.

Decorations such as an inspiring art piece, a painting or even a seasonal decoration in the pantry such as a Christmas tree, could help in reigniting the spirits of employees so that they can feel better and not like a lab rat.


5 Types Of Property Agent You Don’t Want To Meet

Image credit: angryasianman.com

If you are one of those who have experienced being part of the buying and selling process in the property business, then chances are you may have encountered or dealt with these kinds of estate agents before:


Image credit: sprint2thetable.com
Image credit: sprint2thetable.com


The slob – The unshaven face, the unkempt hair, the strong body odour, the coffee stains on their shirt; you would be forgiven if you mistakenly identified the slob as a homeless person. Prepare to be shocked when your stereotypical projection of an estate agent in suit and tie come crashing down as soon as you crossed paths with the slob.

Don’t be surprised if he/she turns up wearing a hoodie and flip-flops while smelling like they missed their yearly shower, all while trying to sell to you what may be the biggest property deal that they will ever have. The slob also seem to have no sense of understanding of the term “professional attire” and has zero sense of remorse for his presentation.

You can read a discussion about this topic here.


Image credit: angryasianman.com
Image credit: angryasianman.com


The overly dressed agent – The direct opposite of the slob in terms of appearance. Granted, a person in suit and tie is viewed as a person who’s both professional and confident in what they are doing, and it’s not wrong for an agent to show up in their suit and ties, but it’s not always necessary.

Imagine if you are attempting to rent a small unit in a low end apartment. You arrange to meet up with your agent during the weekends and you are in your t-shirt and shorts – but in comes along an agent, all dressed in formal attire as if he is about to sell you a holiday home in Dubai. Besides the fact that you may feel uncomfortable and slightly underdressed, it also shows that the agent lacks confidence in in sealing the deal hence they have come dressed up to impress.


Image credit: memegenerator.net


Mr. Know-it-all – Claims to know everything about property like it’s their middle name. Bombards you with countless jargon and statistics that will leave you scrambling to put 2 and 2 together after a brief conversation with him/her. You’ll be glad that your brain did not explode from the overwhelming information when he/she finally stops yapping.

They will explain to you redundant information such loan tenure, floating rate loans and the base lending rates when all you asked was the price for a unit, just to gloat to you that they are highly knowledgeable in their field and to prove to you that they are the ideal agent.


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net


The “Kiasu” – Unethical, afraid to lose out to other agents and always wants to be on the top of things. Will do just about anything in the dirty book to sabotage other deals including ripping signage of other agents, formulating lies and posting a ton of their own signage at one property.

Can be also be found posting the same ads for the same lot on multiple property portals to drown out competition, thus tricking potential buyers that he/she has a different lot. The only plus point is that the property industry is a small one, so people will soon learn to avoid these agents.

More on this discussion here


Image credit: allsingaporestuff.com


The irresponsible/Don’t want to get involved agent – Also known as the magician for his/her ability to mysteriously vanish when they are needed most.

Thinks that their only responsibility is to show buyers around properties and negotiate deals but after the Sale & Purchase (S&P) is concluded and they claim their loot, leave clients in the dark on what to do and to sort out their own mess. Oh and did we mention that they inhibit typical Malaysian culture for not being punctual and are always late? Waiting for them to show up on time is like waiting for snow to fall in Malaysia.



What to know more? Looking for the right home? Suffer from information overloads? For more insights about property-related topics head on to www.propsocial.my to get the latest reviews and feedbacks from communities of home owners, buyers and property agents to make better buying decisions.





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