Top Things To Have At The Office Pantry!

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Other than the conventional 1 hour lunch break, we spend the remaining portion of our time at the office well, working. The general consensus is that the longer we spend our time working, the more it translates to our productivity (very far-fetched I know, but bear with me).

But a research done by Cornell University showed that work accuracy increased by 13% among the participants who were reminded to take short breaks between work compared to those who did not. The fastest typist also made 40% lesser errors compared to those who were not reminded to take breaks.

So what does this ultimately mean? Well for starters, it means that humans are unlike robots who can function on a consistent basis. We need to take a few minutes off from our computer screens every now and then to relax and unwind so that we can improve our cognitive thinking as habitual processes both restricts and kills creativity.

Some organizations have television sets, spa or beanie cushions for their employees to take a moment to take their mind off work.

For the rest of us who do not have the luxury like some offices, we can curse our luck or our fates all we want, but in truth, a relaxing and comfortable pantry that has most of the essential items would be decent enough for employees to take a moment to recharge and socialize with some of their colleagues in order to drift from work. Ideally, here are some of the things that every pantry should have:


1. Water dispenser/water cooler


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70 percent of our body consists of water, and that tells a whole lot about the importance of water to our body. Keeping hydrated is crucially important for the maintenance of the muscles and organs while it helps to eliminate waste products that are discharged from our bodies. So needless to say a water dispenser/water cooler at the office is much more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Without water there can be coffee, tea or even instant oats.


2. Coffee machine


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Speaking of coffee, Malaysians in general, have a craze for coffee. Besides the many western coffeehouse franchises such as Starbucks and other western-influenced cafe establishments, Malaysians have their own versions of different varieties of coffee that are available in kopitiams nationwide. So it’s safe to say that coffee is certainly part of the Malaysian culture and at work, it’s no different.

Some people are coffee addicts who simply need coffee to get the engine going, otherwise they would be stuck in second gear. To these freaks, coffee is like an elixir to them as that caffeine intake helps to boost their productivity and concentration. A pantry that doesn’t have any coffee may affect the morale of office.


3. Cutlery


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Whether if their disposal ones or not, cutlery should always be readily available in the pantry for obvious reasons – making coffee, eating and for spreading your favorite spreads on your bread/biscuits.


4. Microwave oven

With the high cost of living and inflation rates that are currently out there, it isn’t all that surprising to see people tightening their purse strings and finding ways to save cost – one of them being packing homemade lunches from home. However, it’s very likely that their food would be cold by lunch time so they would need to reheat their food, therefore a handy microwave oven is good to have around to boost the office morale.


5. Sugar, spice and everything nice


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Whether if it’s sugar, salt, ketchup, barbecue sauce or spices, there can never be enough condiments as different people have different tastes and there are a zillion ways to use those items.


6. Refrigerator
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A fridge will allow everyone at the office to store their lunches, fruits, candies, chocolates, milk, cakes, cheese, chilled drinks, those expensive organic spreads and last but not least, for tea and coffee lovers – creamers. A nice bottle of champagne for a future celebration wouldn’t hurt either.


7. Tidbits


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We get our fuel and energy mainly through consuming food and there are but a few things that makes people happier than food, so it’s great to have a few biscuits, bread, canned food or potato chips laying around so that people can work without an empty stomach. For a more healthier and nutritional alternatives, nuts, fruits and carrots would be ideal for the health junkies around.


8. Newspapers/magazines

Of course the pantry doesn’t need to be just about food, some entertainment would be something welcoming as well. It can be a breath of fresh air to read an interesting article in a magazine or newspapers instead of staring at a phone or iPad while enjoying a short coffee break. Different varieties of magazines would be an icing on the cake.


9. Cool decorations

Computers, laptops, photocopy machines, the endless noise of buzzing phones; the office environment can feel extremely mundane to many, which is a bad thing because as mentioned above, it restricts and kills creativity. People become creative through inspiration and there’s nothing inspirational about computers and office desks. That is why many organizations invest heavily in making their employees feel less like needing to come to work but rather wanting to come to work, to make them feel comfortable and above all, happy.

Decorations such as an inspiring art piece, a painting or even a seasonal decoration in the pantry such as a Christmas tree, could help in reigniting the spirits of employees so that they can feel better and not like a lab rat.