What is ReferJobs, how is it different from other job recruitment sites and how can you benefit from it?

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If you’re reading this then you’ve either heard of ReferJobs or the name ReferJobs have obviously intrigued your interest to visit this site. In any case, we would like to welcome you as it’s a great pleasure to have you on our site!


Who are we?

Are you experiencing trouble recruiting the right people to join your organization? Are your job ads in job recruitment sites increasingly costly yet unfruitful? Do you feel like your potential is yet to be discovered by others? Is diluting a huge pool of applicants both redundant and taxing?

Enter Referjobs. Referjobs was born with the belief that job and talent referrals can be effortless yet amazingly rewarding. In addition by providing the best platform for expediting your job recruitment process, our aim is to spare you the redundancy of screening candidates, to help you with cost savings, better ROI and last but not least, excellent reimbursement for our referrals. Our objective is to allow you to widen your reach to untapped potentials through the social media as well as through our referral pool.


How does ReferJobs Work?

In most conventional job portals, employers will pay to get their job advertised. Jobseekers will then be allowed to apply for jobs that they’re interested/jobs that are relevant to their skill. Next, the HR department or the hiring managers will screen through and then select a list of candidates to be interviewed. Unfortunately, the process and results could be lengthy and perhaps unsatisfactory.

Employers may have to settle with someone who does not fit the organization’s culture while jobseekers would want to know more about the organization such the working culture and the awesome people who works there.

There are also other factors that are beyond something that’s written down on a piece of paper, such as both employers and applicants would like to get to know the person behind he paper

ReferJobs differs greatly in that aspect as we acknowledge the importance of a symbiosis relationship between employers and a jobseekers.

We advocate the simplicity of sharing jobs through the various online social networking platforms and more importantly, making job referrals rewarding.


In short, anyone can be a referral. You can refer your friends, peers or family and get rewarded via a referral fee for every applicants that successfully lands the job, while employers will be able to reach a far wider spectrum of quality applicants.

That’s it really. That’s how simple it is!


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Here’s how each will benefit:


  • You have the green light to post as many job ads as you please without any additional charges.
  • Your job ads will reach a wider range of spectrum, thanks to the option to share it on social media platforms through our referrals.
  • All you need to do is to post your job ads and our referrals will handle the nitty-gritty. They will even execute the screening process for you and provide you necessary information on the applicants that they’ve screened.
  • We’ll provide you the user friendly ATS (Application tracking system) for you to schedule interviews, update the hiring status and of course having the final say in the hiring process. Think of the endless amount of exposure that your job ads can reach! The sky is truly the limit. Still confusing? Just head on to our FAQ section to have a better grasp of how the process works.
  • Best of all, did we mentioned that you don’t have to pay a single cent for your job ads? We’ll only charge you when applicants are successfully hired.


  • You get to refer your people that you know, whether they are your peers, family members or virtually anyone who is ideal for the job.
  • You’ll be reimbursed for each successful candidate that you’ve referred! So in essence, the more candidates that you’ve referred gets hired, the more reimbursement you’ll receive!
  • If you’re concerned about the referring process fret not, because we’ll be providing you the necessary guidelines and information plus the portal tools to ensure a smooth and easy referral process.


  • You’ll get updates from jobs that may have previously been unreachable to you.
  • Your referrals will also give you the edge by promoting your core values and if you’re hired we’ll even send you a little gift as a token of our sincerest congratulations to you! Getting hired and getting a gift? How often does that happen in life?


In a nutshell, we want to ensure that the job hiring process becomes as simplistic yet effective as much as possible. In the end, the employer will get the candidate that they’re looking for, the candidate gets a job, referrals will get to rewarded for their efforts, the HR department will save time and energy on unnecessary filtration of applicants and we’ll be happy because we’ve referred the right candidate for the right organization. A true win-win-win situation!