How To Best Utilize ReferJobs


Apple Vs Samsung, PlayStation Vs Xbox, Nirvana Vs Guns N’ Roses, Marvel Vs DC – there’s always a side that you need to pick, or is there? It’s not illegal to go for both so why not utilize the opportunity to go guns-blazing and aim for the maximum benefit?


Share or share not, there is no try

Obviously, the core of ReferJobs is the idea of job sharing and the rewards that comes along with it. There are two ways referrers can share jobs – through public sharing via their social networking accounts or sharing it directly through email.refer-jobs


Public sharing is when referrers share jobs from the ReferJobs page to his/her respective social network page, and then to their friends.

Just like posts on Facebook, referrers will be given the option to select who they want to share it with as well as the number of people to share with. This is highly important because it allows referrers to filter the list of people to share with which in turn reduces the redundancy of the job postings to be seen as spams on the news feed of their friends.

Direct sharing is a more personal as well a simpler approach to sharing a job. All the referrer needs to do is to click on the email icon, enter the recipient’s email and write a short message to notify him/her.


Fill in your details

Imagine that you’re searching for a new apartment. After months of fruitless searching, you finally stumbled upon an advertisement of an ideal place at a very reasonable price. You hurriedly reach for your phone to contact the seller, only to find that the seller did not provide his/her full contact details and thus you are unable to contact him/her. Get the picture?

Whether if it’s your full name, your IC number or your account number, for obvious reasons, you details are vital.


Be active on ReferJobs

One of the key of being an excellent referral is to be active on ReferJobs as things are always happening and it’s good to be on the front seat when new jobs are available. That way you could always share new jobs to your connections and stay ahead of the curve.


Keep up-to-date with your applicants

You don’t have to stalk your applicants like a hawk, what you can do however, is to keep tabs on their job application process – and you can do that by clicking the notification icon to keep up-to-date with all the happenings and goings.

Time is of the essence, so keeping up to date with your applicants ensures that no time will be lost and also ensures that the communication process will be smoother. Plus no one likes to be left hanging.