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10 Part-Time Jobs You Can Do As College Students

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A wise woman once said to me, your student life is the best time of your life. Naturally, being too young at that time to truly grasp the wisdom of her words, I didn’t believe her because I couldn’t wait to be an adult in order to break free from adhering the rules set by the school and at home. Only years later when I realized how true her words were.

The time we spend at college is indeed one of the best stages in our lives. It’s the time when we have a lot of freedom and are at a legal age for a lot of things, including driving. It’s also the time to discover more about ourselves and what we want to do for the rest of our lives.

However, even though our college life might be a hugely enjoyable ride, there are instances when we overspend and find ourselves surviving on canned tuna near the end of the month because of budget constraints. That boys and girls, is a sign that we need a job.

It’s not uncommon to see college students with part-time jobs and it’s actually easy have a job while balancing your college lifestyle of studying and partying, so here are 10 jobs that you can do as a college student that can provide you sufficient income (only for you to waste it on a new iPhone):


1. Promoter

The most common job among college students because it usually gets you a lot of money in a short amount of time. If there are multiple events on the calendar, you could be raking up some serious money too.

As a promoter, your task includes handling flyers, handling free samples and using your persuasion skills to attract potential customers to buy your product or service. You may also need to do a demonstration to show how your product or service stands out.


 2. Waiter/waitress

Probably does not pay as much as a promoter, but is still more than enough for the average college student. It’s also a good learning experience to get a taste of what to expect from work and learning to deal with fussy customers. Depending on the place that you work, your pay could be reasonably high if you manage to work at a reputable restaurant or at a hotel that has a high star rating, plus there’s always big tips to be hopeful for.


 3. Cinema crew

The pay is significantly lower than most jobs that are around, but the flexible working hours make up for it. Also popular among movie buffs because it means that you can get to watch movies for free and have access to the snacks and drinks at the cinema.


 4. Writer

Aspiring young writers would probably start their writing careers early by writing for various websites, blogs, TV shows, magazines and newspapers. There’s also the possibility of taking small writing jobs to build your portfolio and acquire clients for the future. Working for the traditional media or for the college newspaper/news portal is also a fantastic opportunity to gain first-hand journalistic experience.

5. Instructor

Whether if it’s a swimming, music, art or tutoring, undergrads can use their knowledge of what they know to teach others while earning a decent paycheck. Everyone’s learning all the time, so you don’t necessarily need to be an expert in what you teach, but as long as you have knowledge and other people are willing to pay you for acquiring that knowledge, then you can provide them something which they are keen to learn. As the saying goes, you learn better by teaching others.


6. Model

Being on the cover of magazines, websites and as the face of advertisements, all while earning big money are opportunities that are too good to turn down, especially for the young, confident and charismatic souls out there.


7. Web developer

The job scope of a web developer includes writing codes in different web languages to create functioning websites/apps, correcting glitches that are on the site/apps and occasionally, writing and editing contents on the site. With the success of many entrepreneurs from the tech industry, everyone is vying to become the next Mark Zuckerberg or creating something big like Facebook and who knows, you could be the next big thing!


8. Retail worker

Working in retail stores is another common job among undergrads. While it may not be the most interesting or highest paying job, it’s a job that nonetheless requires a lot skills to perform.

You need to be a specialist in your product/service to deal with questions and inquiries from customers, communicate with the customers, coworkers and boss, and market your product/service wisely. Working at retail stores also encourages you to polish your language skills or learning new ones in order to communicate with your customers.


9. Bartender

If you’re a night owl, want to make quick cash, have some sick bartending skills and know your drinks, then bartending is a job that can easily grant you all three of those in a blink of an eye. Plus the tips you get as a waiter are peanuts and laughable compared to the tips that you get as a bartender.


10. Singer

If you have an amazing voice and wish to use fully utilize your god-given talent, then you singing is a great way showcase your potential. If you’re good at singing you could also keep this option open for your career path. You could be the next sensation on YouTube and it’s a bonus if you can play musical instruments or have a band.