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What To Avoid In Your Professional Email

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“The Internet’s not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink.” – The Social Network


In this digital era, virtually everything that we’re doing resolved into digitization and your work place is not different. Emails have become the conventional form of communication so you must remember to remain professional at all times as it reflects you as a person,especially in the corporate world.

However, it’s still baffling that people tend to undermine and overlook certain fundamental aspects that are obvious mistakes in everyday emails. So without further ado, below are things to avoid in your professional Email:


Unprofessional and atrocious sounding Email address

Granted, you may be the biggest Pok√©mon fan out there and you’re proud of showing who you are, but in the working world, sounds downright unprofessional not to mention childish. You should also avoid using an Email address that is too confusing because you don’t want to confuse people when they need to send important documents to you. Revert instead to a clear and direct Email address. Your full name or your surname like or would be prime examples.

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Fonts that are too colorful or too ambiguous

Unless if it’s related to things like logo designing, you should probably avoid doing this because it’s just an atrocious idea not to mention it will look like you’re writing a proposal for a children’s playbook instead. And if you’re sending the same email to a number of people, then you’re just amplifying the damage done. Fonts should be simple and clear and most crucially, black in color.

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Not proofreading for any grammar or spelling errors

I can’t emphasize enough the importance of checking for mistakes before sending them because it’s a manifestation of your image and personality as it will directly translate that you’re someone careless, lazy and neglectful among other negative things. These days emails come with AutoCorrect to assist you from misspelling words or that extra spacing but if you are still unclear, you could always Google. Remember you don’t want your important clients, your boss or the rest of your colleagues to notice that you incorrectly spelt certain words when you could’ve prevented that embarrassment in the first place.


Informal abbreviations, acronyms, slang, jargon and language

Even though it may be a simple Email, you should still avoid using the likes of LOL, ROFL, NVM, OMG, XOXO, U, RITE and BTW among others as you’re not writing this to send to your close friends or people that you know on your social media accounts. Use a language that sounds professional and that everyone understands like thanks and hello instead of yo, what’s up and lah.


An unprofessional photo

A picture is worth a thousand words as they say, so you don’t want those thousand words about you to be negative. Don’t use a photo of you that was taken at a bar, with your red, intoxicated face and sweat marks under your arms, a selfie photo with duck-lips expression or a photo that’s too small among others as it will send the wrong image of you. Instead use a photo that makes you look like you’re a professional and if your budget allow it, get a professional photographer to take a photo for you.

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No duck lips. (Image credit:
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If you’re upset and you’re expressing your anger and disappointment in words, then it’s advisable that you step away from your keyboard and take a breather. Venting your anger sounds unprofessional plus you will be painted as someone who’s short-tempered and irrational and you will only regret it later for not thinking it through. Try to put your thoughts into words that will clearly illustrate your points without offending someone because once you hit the send button, you can never change the contents of it.