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5 Reactions You Get At The Office When You Pack Your Own Lunch

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The lunch break is one of the most eagerly anticipated time at work because this is the time when people at the office gather together for lunch and talk about things that revolves around their lives whether if it’s work-related or not. Most prefer to have their lunches outside, others bring their own lunch box from home. If you’re one of those who prefers the latter, you might notice 5 of these reactions from your colleagues:


1. They might think that you’re a health junkie

Your colleagues will very likely assume that you’re a health conscious person who is obsessive with your calorie intake and won’t join them out for lunch because you don’t want to join their crusade of making bellies bigger and waistlines wider.


These are your worst enemie according to your colleagues. (Image credit:
These are your worst enemies according to your colleagues. (Image credit:


 2. They might think that you’re a cheapskate


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If you don’t join the majority of colleagues to eat out, they might think that you’re so frugal to the extent that every single Ringgit spent is like donating one of your organs. Ironically though, in reality they wish that they could bring their own lunch boxes to work to save money as well.


3 .You get a wry smile during lunch breaks


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As your colleagues head out for lunch they’ll look at you and then shift their attention to your lunch box, and back at you as if they’re trying to hint something at you.


4. They might think that you’re an emo person
Where your colleagues think that you have lunch. (Image credit:

Having a solid relationship with your colleagues is the foundation to building understanding and communication. During lunch breaks you and your colleagues have conversation on things that are outside of work such as your hobbies, life and of course gossips.

However, your colleagues might think that you’re an anti-social person who prefers to be in your own world rather than to join the majority of the office for lunch. But the truth is you just feel like having lunch alone so that you can do your own things in that one hour. After all, that one hour wholly belongs to you so you’re free to do what you want in your time.


5. Your colleagues might joke about you

You might be associated with nicknames such as “the guy with the blue lunch box”, or “I would like to ask you for lunch, but I’m sure you already have your own meals” kind of jokes.


In conclusion, whether you bring your lunch from home or go out for lunch with your colleagues, what you do with your lunch break is up to you. You may have your own reasons to pack your own meal, but sometimes you need to balance that by going out for lunch with your colleagues from time to time as you need to socialize with them and it may seem slightly impolite to decline their invitation every single time.