What We Can Learn From Mr.Bean

Image credit: nyoozee.com
Image credit: nyoozee.com

It’s been 25 years since Mr. Bean’s first appearance on television and Rowan Atkinson recently stroll through Buckingham Palace to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary.

Created and played by Rowan Atkinson while he was still in college, Mr. Bean is generally seen as a comedic character and is describe as “a child stuck in a grown man’s body” by Atkinson.

However, aside from his amusing and ridiculous personality, there are actually a few lessons that we can learn from Mr.Bean:


1. He always finds a way to solve his problems

Even though his methods might seem outlandish and overly ridiculous at times, Mr.Bean is always thinking of alternative ways to solve the problem at hand. Sometimes he succeeds while other times he only complicates things, but he is never afraid of trying and thinking out of the box despite how crazy it may seem.

After shopping for home supplies such as a chair, cans of paint and new brooms completely took every inch of space in his car, he couldn’t get into his car much less drive. Nevertheless, his ability to think outside of the box gives him the idea to maneuver his car by sitting on the chair (that’s strapped on top of his car) and using the tools that he bought as makeshift pedals. Most people would be crazy to try this, but the idea worked.




As the saying goes, there’s a solution for every problem; so if you’re willing to do what it takes to solve your problem, the solution will eventually come to you. Sometimes the solution might be crazy and risky, but in the business world, risk is everything. It may determine the course and direction of you or your organization.


2. He’s good and quick at adapting to his surroundings

In Merry Christmas, Mr.Bean – probably one of the funniest sketches, Mr.Bean is tasked to conduct a band temporarily. Clearly clueless and lacking any experience in conducting a band, he nevertheless quickly got the hang of things and even though it may be over-the-top, he manage to integrate himself into his role brilliantly and receives a round of applause from the crowd.


Change is always constant, you have to adapt to different environment and culture when you move to a new organization, while the ever-changing market trends means that your organization needs to propel forward in order to evolve as well.

3. He’s innovative

While trying to paint his house, Mr.Bean suffered various setbacks that prevented him from completing his task ranging from ruined paint brushes to dripping paint on his belongings. To see how he solved this problem, watch the video below:


Innovation is key for every organization because you need to respond to the environment and the market trends. Big MNC’s such as Google, Facebook and Apple and constantly strive to innovate their organization so that they’re always ahead of their competitors while at the same time ensuring that there’s always a new and fresh experience.


4. He’s fiercely competitive


As you can see from the video, he became embroiled in a rivalry with an unknown stranger and wanted to be better than him in everything that he did. When he grabbed a chicken drumstick, Mr.Bean topped it by grabbing two, when he grabbed two sausages, Mr.Bean doubled the amount by taking four. When the stranger took a couple of fresh raw oysters, Mr. Bean responded by swapping the entire plate of oysters. He then went on to double everything the stranger ate to prove that he’s better. Notwithstanding bad oysters aside, he showed his competitive side and his ability to be ahead of the stranger.

It’s increasingly difficult for up and coming startups or SME’s to seek investors and funds because of the competitive market out there. Investors are less likely to invest if your ideas are not well worth the investment because at the end of the day, they seek for viable ROI. Therefore, you need to up your game to do your best to prove how your idea stands out from the competitive market.






A Day In Life Of A Lifeguard

Image credit: totaljobs.com

If you remember the TV series Baywatch, then you would fondly remember the opening of the assemble cast running in slow-mo (Pamela Anderson in particular) in their famous red swimsuits, all wet and drippy. The series also spawned a whole new interest in the lifeguard profession back in the 90’s.

Lifeguards are usually up on their chair above, overlooking the crowd on their high-seated throne. So needless to say, it can get pretty lonesome sometimes just watching people and not talk to them.

However, being a lifeguard isn’t just about saving people from drowning, nor is every lifeguard physically fit and attractive as portrayed in Hollywood. Like every job in the world, a lifeguard carries huge responsibilities over their shoulder and sometimes things aren’t as rosy as it seems:


1. They get to save lives


Image credit: muscle.iuhu.org
Image credit: muscle.iuhu.org

With great power, comes great responsibility. Lifeguards carry a huge responsibility over the safety of people at the beach/pool because they are the ones who are watching over your shoulders, like a guardian angel. They are trained to react almost instantaneously when they spot trouble.


2. It’s more than meets the eye

A lifeguard job scope isn’t just about sitting and watching people, lifeguards have to go through various levels of rescue training processes such as CPR and learning to use an AED defibrillator.


Image credit: dailymail.co.uk
Image credit: dailymail.co.uk


3. They always have tan skin

Duh! Lifeguards spend most of their time under the scrutinizing hot sun so naturally, they have tan skin.


Image credit: zimbio.com
Image credit: zimbio.com


4. …..which may not always be a good thing


Image credit: meileitravels.wordpress.com
Image credit: meileitravels.wordpress.com


5. They smell like sun screen lotion


Image credit: weebly.com
Image credit: weebly.com


6….and chlorine


Image credit: pinterest.com
Image credit: pinterest.com


7. Their whistle commands great power


Image credit: doslives.com
Image credit: doslives.com

That small plasticky thing hovering over their neck grants they authoritative power and is a sign to the others that “they’re the boss”. They get to boss people around because they understand the rules better and they have the power to save lives.


8….but it’s still ineffective against kids


Image credit: pinterest.com
Image credit: pinterest.com



9. Some days can be pretty boring


Image credit: welivefilm.com
Image credit: welivefilm.com


10. Other days can really make them jump off their seat


What do you mean that pets aren't allowed in the pool? (Image credit: huffpost.com)
What do you mean that pets aren’t allowed in the pool? (Image credit: huffpost.com)


11. Rain is a godsent to them


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net


12. ….but sometimes people refuse to leave the pool


Image credit: strasburgpool.com
Image credit: strasburgpool.com


13. They’re essentially staring at a swimsuit magazine everyday


Image credit: toplisttips.com
Image credit: toplisttips.com

Because they care about your safety (of course, what else?).


14. But sometimes, things can get strange


Image credit: amusingplanet.com
Image credit: amusingplanet.com


15.  Some people deliberately “drown” themselves in order to be saved *wink wink*


Image credit: giphy.com


16. But not all lifeguards will fall for the trick


Image credit: funnyjunk.com
Image credit: funnyjunk.com






How To Deal With These Problematic Colleagues At Work

Image credit: playbuzz.com
Image credit: britishcouncil.sg
Image credit: britishcouncil.sg

Whether you like it or not, you see your colleagues five days a week (at least most of you). Of course, it’s understandable that you may not get along with some of your colleagues so disagreements may occur from time to time, which may also lead to complex situations. But being a grown and matured adult as you are, you need to deal your problems professionally and set your differences aside to achieve the organization’s goal. Here are some ways to deal with these problematic colleagues at work:


1. Colleagues who complain too much

We all have to deal with our fair share of problems every now and then such as rewriting lengthy reports, dealing with office politics and of course, dealing with colleagues who complain too much.

Sometimes we can empathize with what they are facing, or sympathize because of the unfortunate injustice, but other times they might complain too much about matters that are insignificant and redundant – which in turn may affect your work performance.

How to deal with them: You won’t want to sound rude and be seen as apathetic, so try to express sympathy to their problems, but don’t encourage them to continue by asking more questions about their problems or boarding the complaint ship. Instead, you can agree with them by combining both verbal and non-verbal signs. For example, say something like “wow, that must’ve been tough. I could see why you’re upset.” then nod your head in agreement.

Alternatively, you can also divert their attention so that they can focus on more pressing matters, such as their opinion on a recent football game or reminding them on something important at work that needs to be completed.

Image credit: blog.lloydstaffing.com
Image credit: blog.lloydstaffing.com


2. Your colleague is too bossy/ is a bully

Remember the school bully who intimidated, disrespected, bossed you around and abused you? Well, the same people might exist at your workplace as well. You already have to deal with the stresses at work and at home, so having an additional problem is the last thing that you would want.

How to deal with it: Talk to them. Explain and provide examples of what they did that made you feel uncomfortable around them. Work things out on how to solve this problem between the both of you. Remember, don’t become overly offensive. Stay calm and explain the situation in a mature manner. If all else fails, then talk to your boss or bring this up to the HR department.


3. Colleagues who talk too loud


Image credit: linkedin.com
Image credit: linkedin.com

You’re trying to get your work done when one of your colleague is on the phone, talking about their personal problems or talking and laughing too loud – so loud that literally everyone at the office can hear the conversation.

Other times you hear some of your colleagues having loud conversations that you can’t help but feel like screaming at them so that they can have their conversation someplace else as it’s disrupting you and the rest of the office.

How to deal with it: First of all, calm yourself down. Refrain from raising your voice or throwing tantrums because you need to remain your professionalism at work and know that you’re in an office room with other people (including your boss), not a pasar malam. Then kindly tell them that they should take their conversation to somewhere more private or they could talk after work because they’re free to do what they want after that.


4. Colleagues who smell

If you think what could be worse than noisy colleagues, then you ain’t seen the worst yet.

When someone with a bad B.O sits next to you or close enough, it can be severely offensive to you and those around you. And unfortunately, they may not be aware of how they smell.

It’s also difficult to be honest with them with a personal problem such as this and to be honest with them because it could seriously hurt their self-esteem.

How to deal with it: The best option would be to take this matter to your manager so that he/she can deal with them in private. However, if you want to talk to them, don’t just go screaming “holy molly, did something die inside of you?” or “hey xxx, i hate to break it to you, but you smell like sweaty socks.” in front of everyone else, or make jokes behind his/her back as it’ll crush them.

Instead, pull him/her aside and tell them politely and get to the point, but don’t mock them. Try something like “I’m just going to be honest with you, you may or may not realize it and this may be uncomfortable for you, but you have a slight problem with body odour.”


5. Idea thief

Okay, so you have a brilliant idea that could benefit the organization in the long run – whether if it’s a cost-saving strategy or a new business plan that could potentially take the organization forward, but you’re unsure whether if it’s a brilliant idea yet, so you pitch the idea to a colleague of yours beforehand to get his/her feedback.

To your horror, you see the same colleague pitching your idea in front of you and your bosses at the next office meeting. You can’t help but feel like a fool because someone just took credibility which should’ve been rightfully yours.

How to deal with it: The first thing you want to do is to remain calm and avoid lashing out at that colleague emotionally. Next, talk to that colleague, ask him/her why did they pitched your idea. Observe their body language so that you can get a better indication whether or not if they’re lying. If they are defensive about it, it’s quite likely that they’re not acknowledging that they stole your idea so you would want to talk to your boss about it.






8 Types Of Species That You Might Find At Work

Image credit: talkorigins.org

Everyone is unique and different. We all come in different shapes and sizes and exhibit different personalities so we need to learn how to adapt and live symbiotically with each other. The work place is no exception, you might encounter these 8 different and peculiar types of species at your workplace:


1. The Complainer (Trichechus Vitulina)

If your desk is right next to or in the range of the complainer, then you’re out of luck. The best way for you to deal with this is to pray that the complainer is not in their berserk-complaining mood.

The complainer is ruthless when it comes to nagging, and won’t stop yapping until either he or she has nothing to yap about or they’ve exhausted their salivary glands.

They’ll complain about everything ranging from Monday blues, the weather, having to work overtime and how loud your other colleagues speak when they’re on the phone. On the topic of noisy colleagues, the next species is also commonly found at the workplace:


2. The pianist (Amphiprioninae Amoyensis)

Such intensity, such movement, such purpose. The pianist move their fingers at so much speed and elegance like Mozart playing one of his symphonies. The only problem is that they are typing on their keyboard, not playing a piano, hence the name the pianist.


Image credit: someecards.com
Image credit: someecards.com

Highly distracting, the pianist types so loud that you feel like you’re at a construction site and is one of the reasons why your train of thought is always breaking down. Furthermore, they seem to have a turbulent relationship with their keyboard, judging from the ferocity of how they type.


3. Mr/Ms “Kepoh” (Tachyglossus Minor)


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

Mr/Ms. “Kepoh” is always asking questions about you and sometimes even personal ones. They’ll continue to bug you until you feed them enough juicy information to leave you alone.

Once you’ve ignited their curiosity, their eyes dilate and enlarge, their breathing becomes more rapid, the hairs on their arm and back bristles, and their smile becomes wider (Don’t worry, they’re not turning into a werewolf it’s just how their body reacts when they’re stimulated).

Whenever you leave the boss’s office, they’ll like to know the details. When you’re absent from work, they’ll call you and ask about you. Heck, even when you come out of the toilet, they’ll ask what took you so long.

When “Mr/Ms Kepoh” has you in their sights, do not say anything that may ignite their interest and definitely do not leave any scraps for them to be sniffing around you. Just stay absolutely still or play dumb – the same way how you would fend off a T-Rex (At least according to Jurassic Park).


4. The slacker (Tarsouatta Fulgalunga)


Image credit: dumpaday.com
Image credit: dumpaday.com

The slacker thinks that his/her only role is to show up for work. Any other “actual” work done considers as an extra workload.

Watch as every member of your team endure sleepless nights and survive on excessive caffeine intake to complete a proposal while the slacker contributes nothing but the title of the proposal and then to everyone’s horror, share the credit of the hard work of others.

The slacker also spends more time updating and browsing through their social media accounts and watching YouTube than doing actual work.


5. The overly pushy one (Caimynnis Iguanone)


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

The pushy one is constantly striving to be the no.1 at everything and fully expects you to follow suit. They’ll push your endurance beyond your absolute limit and won’t stop until your life expectancy drops by 5 years.


6. The information highway/news feed (Okapocampa Harreus)

This species can spread information faster than a Ferrari going downhill on an ice slope. They are also the source of all the gossip and rumours within the organization ranging from the top of the corporate ladder to the bottom. Always be careful of what you say when dealing with the information highway/news feed, because your darkest secrets will be in the headlines the next morning.


7. The loner (Apis Rubecula)

The loner lingers in the wild alone. They are rarely seen interacting with others, they’re often glued to their seats and are always with their headphones. They prefer to be left alone in their natural habitat and will politely decline any sort of invitation to socialize.

To this day, the habitat of the loner still baffles scientists, but alas, scientific data are still difficult to obtain because of the nature of this fascinating and peculiar species. Consider yourself lucky if you hear the loner speaking to you, because you have a higher chance to find the Lost City of Atlantis.


8. Mr/Ms. Know-it-all (Indryptula Cirron)

Mr/Ms. Know-it-all is a prominent species that appears in virtually every industry, so don’t be surprised that they are also on this list. Mr/Ms. Know-it-all is always bragging and patronizing others with their “extensive” knowledge, and pointing out how the others are executing things wrongly.

When dealing with Mr/Ms. Know-it-all, do tread lightly, and try not to stimulate any sort of questions or debate because it’s highly possible that they will not stop until you raise the white flag.


*The scientific names are purely fictional that are generated and obtained from fantasynamegenerators.com









6 Ways To Bond With Your Coworkers

Image credit: georgiaopportunity.org

You might see them more than your family members or your friends and you probably spend more time with them at the office than you do with your loved ones at home, so bonding with your coworkers is fundamental to build both a strong professional and personal relationship in order to know and understand them better (such as their favourite films or music, food, hobbies, etc). So without further ado, we present to you 6 ways you can bond with your coworkers:


1. Have lunch together


Image credit: catapultcreativemedia.com
Image credit: catapultcreativemedia.com

The lunch time is arguably the second most anticipated time in the office (the first obviously being the clocking out time). So naturally, there is an air of excitement and enthusiasm and people find a boast of morale when it comes to the lunch hour. It is the time where everyone can drop what they’re doing and shift their focus away from work for a moment to relax and engage in interesting conversations that they don’t usually have the time to talk about at work, so this window is vital because it’s where you can truly get a glimpse of their personality. Good food + good company = great time.


2. Spend some quality time outside of work


Image credit: funnyjunk.com
Image credit: funnyjunk.com

If you truly want to develop and transcend your relationship with your colleagues beyond the conventional “hi-bye” or strictly professional relationship, what better way than to spend time together after work where everyone can just be their own selves?

Whether if it’s catching a movie, playing futsal or going for a hiking trip, spending some time outside of work is the ideal time for you and your colleagues to truly know your respective lives outside work.

Furthermore, they might even bring along and introduce you their friends and you could bring your own circle of friends. They might even introduce some of their hot single friends to you!

Or they could invite you to dine at their homes with their families once or twice in a week to build on a already cohesive friendship. Or better yet, you could each bring your dates to go on a couple date together!

But it’s not just about expanding your social life, it’s also about expanding your network for your professional working life. The more people you know, the better it is for you in the future of your career as your colleagues may know someone who’s looking for someone of your expertise.


3. Be the joker


Image credit: ign.com
Image credit: ign.com

Everyone likes a funny person to be around because funny people can brighten the stagnant and dull office mood. I’m not advocating that you should annoy people with jokes or force yourself to be funny, but things that make people laugh can range from your actions, to facial expressions, to impersonation of someone else. Be aware of your surroundings and try to conjure a funny reference to it.


4. Stay away from office politics


Image credit: thetrendingworld.com
Image credit: thetrendingworld.com

Office politics exists so the sooner we accept this, the better. However, if you’re looking to bond with your colleagues, then do avoid any form of office politics whether if it’s creating a rumour mill or putting someone down for your own selfish gains. Be your true self and remain impartial. Focus on your work and eventually your performance and personality will do all the talking and your colleagues will come to respect you.


5. Be positive


Image credit: tinybuddha.com
Image credit: tinybuddha.com

No one likes to be around a complainer, slacker or a person who is a pain neck because they’re surrounded with pessimistic energy. Have a positive mindset and soon enough, your positive energy might attract positive people around you which in turn, accomplishes positive things.

However, don’t go overboard by being too optimistic because it might distort your perception of reality. Balance reality with optimism and try to look at the bright side when handling a negative problem.


6. Work as a team


Image credit: zululandobserver.co.za
Image credit: zululandobserver.co.za

Although being a lone wolf has its perks, working as a team eclipses everything that one person can accomplish and much more. Through team work, everyone gets to understand their own strengths and weaknesses as well as the people who are in their team to work together as a unified unit to help each other out to achieve your targets and goals.







How To Burn Some Calories While At Work

Image credit: acu-fit.com
Image credit: azphysiohealth.com
Image credit: azphysiohealth.com

A huge chunk of our adult life is spent at work. In most conventional workplaces, we are required to spend the majority of our time sitting at our designated spots at the office for prolonged periods of time, which is bad because not only are we not physically active, but sitting for prolonged periods of time lead to bad posture, back problems and health complications such as cardiovascular issues, diabetes, heart problems and obesity.

So if you noticed that your waist is getting wider or your belly is getting bigger, perhaps it’s a good time to get off your seat and do these relatively simple steps that can help you burn some calories at work:


1. Take the stairs

Our modern lifestyle revolves around technology and modern electronics that are created to make our lives easier. Don’t get me wrong, technology can be beneficial to us – take the benefits of the internet for example – but technology have also given us the choice of relying on them, to take the easier and fast way instead of the right way.

For instance, the majority of people choose to take the elevator instead of the stairs even though they might just be heading both up or down a few floors.

Unless if you have health problems such as asthma, you should really take the stairs instead of the elevator and work those legs of yours!


2. Chew some gum

Chewing gums are affordable and you can easily find sugar-free gums if you’re looking for the non-sugary alternative. Other than burning a few calories and freshening up your breath, chewing gum has many benefits as well.

A study done by University of Rhode Island showed that people who chewed gum could control their craving for food much better, consumed 67 fewer calories and also burned 5% more calories than those who did not. It’s also a much more healthier alternative to relieve stress in comparison to smoking.

As a matter of fact in football, managers can be seen chewing gum intensively as it helps them to control themselves from pulling out their own hair out of frustration.

Image credit: panorama.am
Pictured here is Sir Alex Ferguson chewing his 4,125th gum. (Image credit: panorama.am)


3. Get a push up bar

Push up bars fit you perfectly if you have a busy lifestyle and want to get some quick chest workouts safely because they are relatively small and compact – which makes it easy to bring them around in comparison to dumbbells or weights. All you need is 10-15 minutes to spare and you’re good to go.

Image credit: shopclues.com
Image credit: shopclues.com


If you don’t feel like investing in a push up bar don’t worry, you could always do a regular push ups on the floor or alternatively, you could do desk push ups. All you need is a stable desk and you’re all set! Push ups may be old school but it’s one of the best exercise to strengthen your upper muscles and core.

Image credit: adapt-uk.com
Image credit: adapt-uk.com


4. Choose to walk, not drive

If you’re heading out for lunch or a destination that’s walking distance, choose to walk instead of drive. Not only will you tone up your leg muscles and get to burn some extra calories, but you get to save money on fuel and parking as well.


5. Get some fresh air

If you feel like you’re overwhelmed with work, instead of checking your social media pages spare a few minutes from the stresses at work to head out for a short walk outside of the office as we are all humans and not robots who need to take some pressure off. Sometimes having some fresh air clears your mind which helps you to think better and may also help you with renewed vigor. Finally walking also helps to improve blood circulation which enables our heart to pump blood more easily.


6. Weightless workouts


Image credit: acu-fit.com
Chair dips. (Image credit: acu-fit.com)

Jump squats, side lunges, push ups and dips all have one thing in common – they are fairly simple to perform and they don’t require any weights. 5 minutes is sufficient enough for you to break a little bit of sweat, tone your muscles and more importantly, burn some calories.



In conclusion, most of us have our hands tied and our eyes glued to our work that we neglect the most important aspect in our life – our health. Money is most definitely important, but money cannot buy health. We cannot undo what has been done and prevention is always better than cure. Besides, you won’t want to spend all your hard-earned money nursing your health when it deteriorates because you neglected it right? Having a balanced diet and exercising regularly will benefit us in the long run.




Stay Haze-Free!

Image credit: undertheangsanatree.blogspot.com

The haze is back at full force and apart from a few areas throughout Malaysia, most areas have recorded unhealthy Air Pollutant Index (API) due to the worsening haze conditions.

The haze problem has been an annual occurrence for both Malaysia and Singapore for awhile now, and the condition of the air is so atrocious that most schools are closed down and certain areas are already similar to the fog world in the Silent Hill games, where it’s difficult to tell what’s in front of you.


Image credit: readwrite.com
The haze situation makes Silent Hill look like Disneyland. (Image credit: readwrite.com)

People who are sensitive to the haze also suffer from skin, eyes and throat irritation while those who have respiratory problems might have trouble breathing. In order to stay haze-free and to protect yourself and your loved ones, you might want to follow these few steps:


1. Wear a mask


Image credit: undertheangsanatree.blogspot.com
Image credit: undertheangsanatree.blogspot.com

If you have respiratory problems, then wear a respiratory mask; otherwise a normal surgical mask would be better than nothing if you’re heading outdoors.


2. Stay indoors/limit outdoor activities

With the amount of toxic pollutants in the air, you should limit yourself from doing any outdoor activities such as jogging and playing sports as you won’t want to inhale the pollutants into your lungs. If you want to exercise, try to exercise indoors whether if it’s at home or at a gym.


3. Keep hydrated


Image credit: empowernet.com.au
Image credit: empowernet.com.au

Drink plenty of water so that you an flush out the high amount of toxins that are absorbed through your skin and lungs from the haze. Haze also makes it more likely for you to have sore throats and stimulates excess mucus production – which leads to cough and runny nose respectively, so you need to keep yourself hydrated at all times to get rid of the excess mucus.


4. Use an air purifier

Air purifiers help to filter dust and harmful particles in the air, thus ensuring that you have cleaner air to breathe indoors.


5. Use eye drops

This is for those who are sensitive towards the haze, eye drops helps to relieve those nasty itches and redness while it also removes dust and dirt in your eyes.


6. Chill yourself out

It is recommended that you turn on the air conditioner when you’re indoors as not only does it remove pollutants in the air, it cools you down as haze traps sunlight, which leads to warmer weather, so cool yourself at home.


7. Get green and fruity


Image credit: pixoto.com
Image credit: pixoto.com

Eat more fruits and leafy greens, specifically those that have high amounts of vitamin A and C. Foods such as carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach and mangoes are rich in vitamin A – which helps to protect your eyes and keep them moist while its antioxidant properties helps to eliminate free radicals within your body.

Vitamin C on the other hand, can be found in fruits such guavas, kiwis, strawberries as well as citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon, and it helps to boost your body immune system which prevents you from the likelihood of contacting sore throat or the flu.


8. Avoid smoking


Image credit: telegraph.co.uk
Image credit: telegraph.co.uk

With the haze going on, you won’t want to breathe in more toxic gasses into your lungs as it only creates more stress to your lungs. Besides, it’s well known that cigarettes are harmful to your body and leads to many diseases, so you should stop smoking in general.



How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse When You’re Stuck At These Work Places

Image credit: bricksofthedead.com
Image credit: bitfister.com
Image credit: bitfister.com

Brainsssss……brainssss….. when a zombie outbreak occurs, there’s not much you can do but run and hide.

However, if you’re unlucky enough to be at work during a zombie outbreak, then you might not have have a choice but to make a stand at your workplace.

Depending on where you work, here are some suggestions on how to survive at these work places from the undead:


1. Shopping Malls


Image credit: randa-imagine.blogspot.com
Image credit: randa-imagine.blogspot.com

If you work at a mall, the sheer size of shopping malls not only guarantees an abundant of places to hide from those pesky zombies, but its large and open space also makes it easier to avoid zombies because your speed over the slow zombies gives you the edge.

Shopping malls today are more than just shops and restaurants as you can find practically almost everything under one roof such as ice skating rinks, indoor sporting facilities and even baseball courts. Therefore, not only is it easy to avoid zombies in general, but playing a game of cat and mouse with the zombies at a mall makes it somewhat interesting as well.

For example, if you can ice skate, you could pretty much stay in the ice skating ring for safety as you watch the zombies fall one after another while you gracefully skate rings around them.

Hiding at one of the many cinema halls also makes it an exhilarating experience, just think of how intense it can be when you’re hiding from zombies in a dark hall during a movie.

Let’s not forget that some malls have indoor climbing facilities, so if you can physically make it to the top then you should be temporarily safe and you might see some zombies fall to their doom as they unsuccessfully try to reach you.


2. Hospitals

Hospitals also share a lot of similarities with shopping malls in terms of having large corridors and plenty of open spaces while it can be equally exciting as there are also a lot of imaginative ways to hide from the undead. For instance, if you don’t mind being surrounded by lifeless bodies around then you can always blend in and play dead at the morgue.


3. Police stations

If you’re part of the law enforcement force, then expect it to be the busiest day in your working life as people swarm to the station to seek protection, with the undead closely behind. Obviously as part of the force, you have a broad range of weapons in your arsenal to choose from.

But if the Resident Evil games have taught us one thing is that police generally meet their doom in a zombie apocalypse, so perhaps going head on with zombies isn’t a good idea.

Instead you could opt for an alternative method such as locking yourself in a holding cell.

Image credit: thegeeksftw.com
Your rate of survival as a cop is currently at 2000/1, according to Resident Evil. (Image credit: thegeeksftw.com)


4. Hotels

Stay in the pool, zombies can’t swim (presumably so but hey, I’m no zombie expert) so they’ll likely drown as they try get to you. Grab as much food and supplies as you can and head on to any of the rooms at the hotel. Large hotels could have hundreds of rooms, so it could take some time before zombies can get to your floor, let alone your room.


5. Amusement parks


Image credit: gazettenet.com
Image credit: gazettenet.com

This is a little of topic, but if the roller coaster rides, haunted houses and of course, zombie houses at amusement parks are not thrilling or “real” enough for you, you can visit a zombie house with real zombies inside so that they can scare the living soul out of you or if you want to experience the ultimate form of excitement, strap yourself on the same roller coaster cart with several zombies sitting behind you.

To be safe from zombies, you could trap them on roller coasters, on a ferris wheel, or the many other rides that are available at the park.

If all the games and rides at an amusement park isn’t your cup of tea, then you could always paint your face and dress up like a clown that’s infected. Add in some convincing zombie moaning sounds and the zombies won’t be able to recognize that you’re among them. Alternatively, you can also get yourself a costume that’s at least convincing enough to fool zombies.

Image credit: themoviegoer-danny.blogspot.com
Image credit: themoviegoer-danny.blogspot.com


Surviving a zombie apocalypse is just like your work life

Whether at work or somewhere else, to survive a zombie apocalypse you need to be extremely resourceful and be very well aware of your surroundings. Just like in your working life, you need learn how to utilize your environment to the maximum effect, analyze your current situation, analyze your strengths and weaknesses and finally, make use of the tools that are available to you as they are all keys to your survival.




5 Reactions You Get At The Office When You Pack Your Own Lunch

Image credit: theclymb.com

GIF credit: thefrisky.com

The lunch break is one of the most eagerly anticipated time at work because this is the time when people at the office gather together for lunch and talk about things that revolves around their lives whether if it’s work-related or not. Most prefer to have their lunches outside, others bring their own lunch box from home. If you’re one of those who prefers the latter, you might notice 5 of these reactions from your colleagues:


1. They might think that you’re a health junkie

Your colleagues will very likely assume that you’re a health conscious person who is obsessive with your calorie intake and won’t join them out for lunch because you don’t want to join their crusade of making bellies bigger and waistlines wider.


These are your worst enemie according to your colleagues. (Image credit: dessertcomesfirst.com)
These are your worst enemies according to your colleagues. (Image credit: dessertcomesfirst.com)


 2. They might think that you’re a cheapskate


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

If you don’t join the majority of colleagues to eat out, they might think that you’re so frugal to the extent that every single Ringgit spent is like donating one of your organs. Ironically though, in reality they wish that they could bring their own lunch boxes to work to save money as well.


3 .You get a wry smile during lunch breaks


GIF credit: hell-on-training-wheels.tumblr.com

As your colleagues head out for lunch they’ll look at you and then shift their attention to your lunch box, and back at you as if they’re trying to hint something at you.


4. They might think that you’re an emo person


Where your colleagues think that you have lunch. (Image credit: pennappetit.com)

Having a solid relationship with your colleagues is the foundation to building understanding and communication. During lunch breaks you and your colleagues have conversation on things that are outside of work such as your hobbies, life and of course gossips.

However, your colleagues might think that you’re an anti-social person who prefers to be in your own world rather than to join the majority of the office for lunch. But the truth is you just feel like having lunch alone so that you can do your own things in that one hour. After all, that one hour wholly belongs to you so you’re free to do what you want in your time.


5. Your colleagues might joke about you

You might be associated with nicknames such as “the guy with the blue lunch box”, or “I would like to ask you for lunch, but I’m sure you already have your own meals” kind of jokes.


In conclusion, whether you bring your lunch from home or go out for lunch with your colleagues, what you do with your lunch break is up to you. You may have your own reasons to pack your own meal, but sometimes you need to balance that by going out for lunch with your colleagues from time to time as you need to socialize with them and it may seem slightly impolite to decline their invitation every single time.





Top 10 Steve Jobs Quotes

Image credit: huffingtonpost.com
Image credit: reddit.com
Image credit: reddit.com

The new iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPad Pro and Apple TV will be launching soon, and what better way to pay homage to the man who greatly contributed to what Apple is today – the late Steve Jobs (A new biographical drama about him film called Steve Jobs will also be released later this year).

An inventor, genius, philosopher and revolutionist; he was also a man who was famed to be hard to work with because he constantly raised the bar and he was also a perfectionist.

Nonetheless, his imprints are still left in the world and he’s a beacon of inspiration to many. So let’s take a look at 10 of his best quotes:

1. “That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.”


2. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it. And, like any great relationship, it just gets better and better as the years roll on. So keep looking until you find it. Don’t settle.”


3. “Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me … Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful … that’s what matters to me.”

Image credit: iphonelife.com
Image credit: iphonelife.com


4. “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.”


5. “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Image credit: blog.guterman.com
Image credit: blog.guterman.com


6. “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something—your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”


7. “I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.”

Image credit: huffingtonpost.com
Image credit: huffingtonpost.com


8. “Getting fired from Apple was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.”


9. “Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while.”


10. “I want to put a ding in the universe.”

Image credit: maclife.com
Image credit: maclife.com