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6 Ways to Attract the Most Talented Employees

Image credit: kellyservices.us

The competition to attract top-notch employees is tough – are you doing all you can to get them on your side? Here are 6 ways you can catch the attention of A-grade talent.

Big name companies hardly ever suffer a shortage of job applicants; however, start-ups and SMEs face several challenges drawing in premium stocks of talent. Can anything be done to get the crème de la crème to join your cause? Here’s a list of things you can do to bring them over to the dark side (or light side, whichever you are):


1. Build a kickass company website

It’s the first stop for any good would-be employee. So here’s your chance to shine and relay the right kind of information.

For companies that aren’t well-known to the public, a strong website shows first off, that you are indeed legitimate. But what exactly makes a website ‘kickass’? Aside from the basics of appearing well-organized with links that redirect accurately, a great website should give the impression that it was created professionally. This means sufficient content, proper grammar and regular updates.

From the perspective of future employees, your kickass website needs to be equipped with a dedicated HR page. Here, you can take the opportunity to impress prospective employees with what you can offer, as well as tell them what it is you are looking for. Not only are you potentially attracting top employees, but rather ones, that also meld with the culture of your company.

Sime Darby’s career page is an excellent example what an effective HR section should look like. It highlights their diverse staffer pool, previews the experience of working for them, and more importantly, lists out highly-sought training programs. With a page like this, future employees have access to valuable insight that you can design to deepen interests in the company.


2. Be seen and heard


Image credit: siliconwellness.com
Image credit: siliconwellness.com

It’s not that you have to be on every billboard, in fact, many top companies do just fine working in the background, and most B2B companies tend to operate this way.  What’s important is that you develop a presence within your industry, no matter the size of your firm.

How do you do this? One way is to gain an online presence, which may be done inexpensively by utilising social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+. You may also employ the use of a blog to brag about your CSR activities, announce news about your company, and publish other industry-specific stories that could highlight your place as a significant player.

For smaller companies, if it is applicable to your business format to advertise, then do negotiate a spread or editorial piece in relevant publications for a little more face time.


3. Perk up compensation and benefits programs

The cost of transportation has gone way up – petrol, toll, and the like, but your mileage cover is over 10 years old? That’s not going to fly with top employees, because they are used to getting the good stuff.

Most jobseekers have a pretty good idea of what generous, basic and mediocre benefits look like, so if yours isn’t up to par, don’t expect the shining stars to be too impressed. Of course you don’t have to offer the sun and the moon, just be fair and good employees will appreciate that.  

Review salary levels and benefits in comparison to other companies in your industry, and try to offer similar packages within that scale.  If indeed, you can afford to perk it up a little, then consider this list of the most appreciated and sought after benefits:

  • Comprehensive medical & insurance coverage
  • Maximum employer EPF contribution
  • Training and education reimbursement
  • Performance bonuses
  • Company loans for home or car purchase
  • Gym memberships

If your company is tightening its purse strings however, then you’ll need to get creative with compensation offers.  Consider applying non-money benefits such as flexi-hours, telecommuting and extended annual leave days.

Make your attractive benefits known to jobseekers by including these amazing perks on your job ads and HR page.


4. Showcase your top employees


Image credit: emperordesign.co.uk
Image credit: emperordesign.co.uk


Shining stars tend to attract one another, so light a beacon and more A-grade employees will follow. Draw attention to your top performing people by acknowledging their triumphs on your website, company social media page or even by posting on LinkedIn.

With this, not only are you showing appreciation and validation for the successful labour of your employees, you’re also seamlessly highlighting the achievements of your organization.  

Similarly, make it a point to introduce your new hires with a welcome message that communicates their particular accomplishments and accolades. This will further enforce the image that a powerful team is working behind you and be a source of encouragement for other power players to join in.  


5. Be more than just money

Yes, offering higher starting salaries or promising increments is attractive and tempting – but this is not the only way to attract the cream of the crop. Besides, you don’t want people who are only in it for the money; you want commitment, a sense of responsibility and real leaders.

These people are hard to come by, in fact, they are usually drawn to something more than just financial gain – they want growth potential for the time they’ll be investing. It’s the same thing you would look for in an investment, a proper return.

Looking beyond money, executives and those moving on to managerial positions want the chance to develop professionally. Be ready to offer up opportunities for advancement, this could mean anything from implementing mentorship programs to fast-tracking the careers of top performers with managerial training schemes.


6. Brand Yourself as a Top Employer

This is easier said than done because it involves building a reputation which takes time and a real commitment to fulfill your promise as a good employer. In other words, you’ll have to walk the walk.

For example, Shell –  voted one of The World’s 100 Most InDemand Employers 2014 – regularly conducts employee surveys in an effort to listen to their peoples’ needs for improvement. So in this case, the key to branding as a top employer lies with your current employees and how they perceive the work environment.

Furthermore, effective branding requires an ongoing effort. If you look at the rankings for  Malaysia’s 100 Leading Graduate Employers, you’ll see that Maybank has made the Top 5 from 2012 to 2015, and if you look closer you’ll also notice that the list is dominated by mostly the same players, year in, year out.  This is because continuity is also an important part of branding, and thus, an active and constant push to attract the best people needs to be in place for your brand to sustain.

Quick question – what’s the most valuable and underrated asset in your company?  You guessed it! It’s the creative, highly-capable folks who work tirelessly to support your operations, rain or shine. Isn’t it awesome that you now know how to attract more of them?



This article was written by Desiree Nair, who is a contributing writer for referjobs.my.