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8 Overused Excuses For Missing Work

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My dog ate my homework. I forgot to save my file. I was staying up all night to complete my work but I left it at home. 

These were the common excuses we used as children. Sometimes we could sneak away unharmed but other times, well not so lucky.

Times change, season change, but excuses never change. We may become wiser as we grow older but our excuses can still be downright elementary at times.

So in honor of those who can’t make it to work because your sister’s friend’s boyfriend’s mother’s nephew’s goldfish has become food for worms, here are 8 overused excuses for missing work: (Warning: these excuses may or may not work, so your boss may not buy it, you’ve been warned!)

P.S: Also, this list is for humor purposes only.


1. My alarm didn’t go off


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

What better way then to kickoff the list with one of the classics – the good ol’ “my alarm didn’t go off” excuse. You set your alarm to at a wrong time which consequently resulted in you waking up in another dynasty, so you figure that you might as well just work from home since it’s pointless to get to work late only to face stares, a chuckle or two here and there and guilt (guilt like when there’s only two person in the room and you farted and you have no choice but to forcefully raise your hand that you’re guilty) as you walk through the door right? Your rational mind tells you.

Yep, totally believable and plausible.


2. Health reasons

Food poisoning, migraine, fever, the flu, diarrhea, vomiting, headache, stomach ache, back ache, tooth ache, brain ache, toe ache, your left nostril aches and the endless other aches that you could possibly imagine or conjure up, chances are they are already in the book of excuses.


But, but, but, the doctor said that I had a severe case of diarrhea. (GIF credit: tumblr.com)


3. My car won’t start

Okay, you have no health problems – everything’s A-OK with you – and being the exemplary employee that you are, you set the alarm off at an earlier time so that you can wake up early for work.

True enough, you wake up early the following day while it’s still dawn, take your shower and calmly have your breakfast while reading the paper. Then you get to your car, ready to start your day….only to find out that your car won’t start – no matter how desperately you try.

So naturally, the rational step is for you to call in to inform your boss that you can’t come in for work right? Taking into consideration that you live in a remote farmhouse and there are no other modes of transportation to get to work, mobile applications like Uber and GrabCar doesn’t exist and car pooling is so totally out of the picture.


4. My kid has gotten into trouble at school

Whether if your child gets called into the principal’s office or if he or she wet their pants (again), you – being the awesome parent that you are – would want to be there for your child when duty calls no? Plus, it’s very unlikely that your employer will deny you the opportunity to attend to your child’s needs.


Booyah! Another free pass to skip work. (GIF credit: tumblr.com)


5. The “I have cramps” card

If your boss is a guy and he is unsympathetic, he’s a d*****b**. If your boss is a lady and could resonate with your situation but yet is still unsympathetic, she’s a d*****b**. If your male colleagues are unsympathetic, they are d*****b***. If your female colleagues could resonate well with your situation but yet is still unsympathetic….. well you get the idea. Moving on.


When you give a “that time of the month” look to others.


6. Family emergencies

Sure, family emergencies are unpredictable and it’s always, ALWAYS more important to be by their side than anything else in the world, no matter the circumstances – even if it means missing the biggest business deal of your life (well kinda, I’m kidding. Don’t.).

Having said that however,  it’s also one of the most overused excuses. For that, below is a sample of a simple excuse template that you can use for your next excuse appointment. Good luck!


Dear boss, 

Like an arrow piercing my heart – it pains me to do this, but due to the horrific, unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances, my *insert family member here* was *insert imaginary event here* on *insert date of imaginary event here*.  As such, I was unable to be present for work. I will, however, complete *insert fake promises here* as soon as I am back as I already have one hand on it.

Yours sincerely,

*Insert name here*


7. My car’s in the workshop


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Yeah. (Image credit: memegenerator.net)


8. Absent without reason/notice

Nothing at all. Not a sound, a phone call, or a word. Just like fart gone with the wind.

It will be like a "where's Waldo" moment
It will be like a “where’s Waldo?” moment.




Discussions You Shouldn’t Bring To The Break Room At Work

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Image credit memegenerator.net
Image credit memegenerator.net


As the saying goes, some things are better left unsaid or, untouched. The break room at work is the place for people to briefly escape the stresses from work. Interesting topics that can get the conversation going are always welcomed with open arms and a little bit of humor here and there wouldn’t hurt too; but some topics should be avoided as it may trigger an awkward situation between you and your colleagues.  So, unless if your goal is to alienate yourself from the rest of your colleagues, then you should really avoid these discussions:


1. Your personal problems


GIF credit: thefrisky.com

You have problems. I have problems. Everyone has problems, but don’t just go pouring your heart out to everyone at the office about the problems in your life as you’ll paint a picture of a desperate person who needs a shoulder to cry on and the notion that “my problem is bigger than yours”. Unless if your problems are big enough that you truly need someone to talk to (i.e death in the family, internal problems), don’t bring your personal issues to your colleagues as they already have their own problems to deal with.


2. Your bedroom life

Straight off the bat, what happens in your bedroom should strictly remain in the bedroom. Don’t gloat about how wild you and your partner were last night or talk about any of your dreadful sexual experiences in the past because quite frankly, no one really wants to know not to mention it makes those around you downright uncomfortable. Furthermore, Asian cultures tend to be a tad bit more conservative so there are boundaries of what is more – should I say, “appropriate” to share.


3. Bad news


GIF credit: rebloggy.com

“I hate to be the bearer of bad news guys but… ” You don’t want to be the person that brings bad news to the table, especially during a conversation in the break room because it’s the place where people generally chill and take a moment to escape from work. Naturally, the last thing that they want to hear during a conversation is news that someone would be laid off or the complications of a business deal.


4. Political/religious views


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

Everyone has different opinions, ranging from fashion to sports to which OS is superior and yes, including political ideologies and religious beliefs.

But unlike most conventional topics, religion and politics are usually very controversial topics that divides people as they’re usually sensitive about it. Bringing up and imposing either your political or religious views spells trouble and is likely to create friction among you and your colleagues.


5. Bad mouthing your colleagues

Anything that you say will and can be used against you. We’ve all heard it countless times before on television, whenever the police make an arrest they will utter these words – known as the Miranda warning – to an offender. Bad mouthing your colleagues in front of your other colleagues, is like shooting yourself in the foot. In addition to that, your words might be used against you in the future if word managers to reach the ear of your superiors it could cost you your job.


So there you have it folks, 5 things that you shouldn’t bring to the break room. Remember, the break room is meant for a place to relax, it’s where interesting topics, light-hearted conversations and humor occurs.

Of course, that’s not to say that we can’t talk about the topics above, but it largely depends on many factors ranging from the level of friendship with your colleagues and of course, timing as well.

You may not have the intention to offend somebody and maybe it’s part of your personality to speak your mind or to express yourself, but to those who might not know you too well, it seems offensive.

Top Things To Have At The Office Pantry!

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Other than the conventional 1 hour lunch break, we spend the remaining portion of our time at the office well, working. The general consensus is that the longer we spend our time working, the more it translates to our productivity (very far-fetched I know, but bear with me).

But a research done by Cornell University showed that work accuracy increased by 13% among the participants who were reminded to take short breaks between work compared to those who did not. The fastest typist also made 40% lesser errors compared to those who were not reminded to take breaks.

So what does this ultimately mean? Well for starters, it means that humans are unlike robots who can function on a consistent basis. We need to take a few minutes off from our computer screens every now and then to relax and unwind so that we can improve our cognitive thinking as habitual processes both restricts and kills creativity.

Some organizations have television sets, spa or beanie cushions for their employees to take a moment to take their mind off work.

For the rest of us who do not have the luxury like some offices, we can curse our luck or our fates all we want, but in truth, a relaxing and comfortable pantry that has most of the essential items would be decent enough for employees to take a moment to recharge and socialize with some of their colleagues in order to drift from work. Ideally, here are some of the things that every pantry should have:


1. Water dispenser/water cooler


Image credit: activerain.com
Image credit: activerain.com

70 percent of our body consists of water, and that tells a whole lot about the importance of water to our body. Keeping hydrated is crucially important for the maintenance of the muscles and organs while it helps to eliminate waste products that are discharged from our bodies. So needless to say a water dispenser/water cooler at the office is much more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Without water there can be coffee, tea or even instant oats.


2. Coffee machine


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

Speaking of coffee, Malaysians in general, have a craze for coffee. Besides the many western coffeehouse franchises such as Starbucks and other western-influenced cafe establishments, Malaysians have their own versions of different varieties of coffee that are available in kopitiams nationwide. So it’s safe to say that coffee is certainly part of the Malaysian culture and at work, it’s no different.

Some people are coffee addicts who simply need coffee to get the engine going, otherwise they would be stuck in second gear. To these freaks, coffee is like an elixir to them as that caffeine intake helps to boost their productivity and concentration. A pantry that doesn’t have any coffee may affect the morale of office.


3. Cutlery


Image credit: treehugger.com
Image credit: treehugger.com

Whether if their disposal ones or not, cutlery should always be readily available in the pantry for obvious reasons – making coffee, eating and for spreading your favorite spreads on your bread/biscuits.


4. Microwave oven

With the high cost of living and inflation rates that are currently out there, it isn’t all that surprising to see people tightening their purse strings and finding ways to save cost – one of them being packing homemade lunches from home. However, it’s very likely that their food would be cold by lunch time so they would need to reheat their food, therefore a handy microwave oven is good to have around to boost the office morale.


5. Sugar, spice and everything nice


GIF credit: endlesslytraveling.tumblr.com

Whether if it’s sugar, salt, ketchup, barbecue sauce or spices, there can never be enough condiments as different people have different tastes and there are a zillion ways to use those items.


6. Refrigerator


Image credit: someecards.com

A fridge will allow everyone at the office to store their lunches, fruits, candies, chocolates, milk, cakes, cheese, chilled drinks, those expensive organic spreads and last but not least, for tea and coffee lovers – creamers. A nice bottle of champagne for a future celebration wouldn’t hurt either.


7. Tidbits


Image credit: hellawella.com
Image credit: hellawella.com

We get our fuel and energy mainly through consuming food and there are but a few things that makes people happier than food, so it’s great to have a few biscuits, bread, canned food or potato chips laying around so that people can work without an empty stomach. For a more healthier and nutritional alternatives, nuts, fruits and carrots would be ideal for the health junkies around.


8. Newspapers/magazines

Of course the pantry doesn’t need to be just about food, some entertainment would be something welcoming as well. It can be a breath of fresh air to read an interesting article in a magazine or newspapers instead of staring at a phone or iPad while enjoying a short coffee break. Different varieties of magazines would be an icing on the cake.


9. Cool decorations

Computers, laptops, photocopy machines, the endless noise of buzzing phones; the office environment can feel extremely mundane to many, which is a bad thing because as mentioned above, it restricts and kills creativity. People become creative through inspiration and there’s nothing inspirational about computers and office desks. That is why many organizations invest heavily in making their employees feel less like needing to come to work but rather wanting to come to work, to make them feel comfortable and above all, happy.

Decorations such as an inspiring art piece, a painting or even a seasonal decoration in the pantry such as a Christmas tree, could help in reigniting the spirits of employees so that they can feel better and not like a lab rat.


The Pro’s And Con’s Of Working From Home

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Working from home is now a common and popular practice in today’s society, especially true among the stay-at-home parents and independent business communities.

It’s also the most attractive prospect among the generation of the baby boomers and millennials when they’re job hunting as they find the conventional 9-5 working hours less appealing.

In addition to that, some question the need to work in an office when they could literally get the job done at home and send it via email.

From having a much more flexible working time to spending more time with their families, working from home is also attractive to the people who are more results oriented because it allows them to complete their tasks early instead of waiting for the time to pass by at the conventional 9-5 hour job.

But like everything else in this world, there are pro’s and con’s to everything – including a prospect as attractive as working from home:


You don’t have to commute to work!


Image credit : funnymalaysia.net
Image credit : funnymalaysia.net

Think of how appealing it is when you can avoid congested traffic, the overly packed trains and the often tardy buses plus the stress that comes along with it! Working from home means that you won’t have to waste precious time getting caught in traffic and waiting for public transport.


You can ditch the office dress code!

The way we dress is the manifestation of our personality. Most workplaces have a dress code so we need to abide and respect it. It may not be a problem to some but to others it can be mundane to follow a particular dress code while to others, it may restrict them from expressing themselves.

Working from home means the dress code rule does not apply to you, you can be in your singlets, pyjamas or in your shorts. You can wear what you truly feel comfortable with, without offending anyone or violating any dress code.


Lesser distractions!

No more listening to nagging colleagues, loud chatters at the workplace, loud typing sounds, loud music, the sound of the photocopy machine or the endless annoying sound of doors opening and closing. You get to focus on your work in a state of tranquility.



The thought of being free is both exhilarating and a new breath of fresh air right?

If you feel like taking a break, no one is going to berate you for it. You can sit wherever you want and turn on the music as loud as you want.

Feel like working at a cafe? Just bring along your laptop with you and you’re good to go!

Hungry but it’s not even lunch hour yet? Why, simply take a few steps to the kitchen and whip yourself a tasty and fulfilling meal. Don’t feel like getting out of bed? No problem, just work on your bed then!

You get to work at the comfort of your own home as well as the flexibility that you won’t normally obtain at a workplace.


Be closer to your family!


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

Let’s face it, we spend a large chunk of our day at work that by the time we get home it would be already dark and we would also be too mentally tired to spend time with our loved ones.

Some of us might even need to do some house chores when we arrive home. Coupled with the work-related stress and the stress from heavy traffic sandwiched in between, the amount of time and energy that we can spend with our family members are truly limited.

However, if you work from home, you get the luxury of spending more quality time with your family, especially if you have kids. You get to bond with them better as well communicating with them more often.


Cut your expenses!

Renting an office space is out of the picture, so is spending money on overly priced meals, parking fees and traveling costs. Plus you get to save a ton on clothes/uniforms as well!

It’s also a plus point for those who live far away from the office and have to either rent or buy a place that’s closer to work in order to shorten the distance that they travel each day.


It’s great for stay-at-home parents/ retirees who want extra income!

If you’re a stay at home parent who needs to take care of your children but also need some extra income, working from home is a win-win situation for you. There are also plenty of work from home jobs for retirees such as writing and telemarketing – whether if it’s part-time of freelance work.


Increased productivity!


Image credit: buzzfeed.com

Working from home creates an environment that’s calmer, less restrictive and more comfortable – which stimulates your creative juices.

Lesser distractions equals more work done, more work done equals more productivity, more productivity means more work completed, more work completed means more free time! Who doesn’t like more free time?



And now, for the cons. Cue the sad music.



You need to be highly self-motivated!


Image credit: memeguy.com

With all the benefits of being at the comfort of your home and more, it can be slightly challenging to find motivation for you to work.

Firstly,you’re in a much more relaxing environment compared to a conventional workplace, so you might find yourself relaxing more than working, especially true when you’re trying to work but you’re on your sofa with the TV turned on in the background.

Secondly, no one is around to look over your shoulders to keep you on your toes or compliment you and lastly, you might lose some of the competitive spirit inside of you because you don’t compete with anyone around.

Working at home requires tremendous amount of self-motivation, so you need to constantly find reasons and inspirations to prevent you from slacking off.



Now, you might say “hang on, isn’t working at home supposed to be LESS distracting?”

Well, it is and it isn’t. Although you may avoid being distracted by your colleagues at work, the truth is, you could equally be subjected to many other distractions if you work from home.

If you have kids then you might need to attend to them. You may get tempted to spend more time in the world of social networking platforms, or  watch television programs when you should really be working.

Then there’s the urge to do your chores, to read a book, or the annoying sound of your neighbor’s dog who just won’t stop barking. The TV remote is also at arm’s reach, and it could be really tempting to watch Television instead and neglecting your work.

Even if you’re not distracted by any external stimulus, your friends might surprise you by paying you a visit while you’re working. Talk about out of a frying pan into another eh?


Image credit: addsherpa.com
Image credit: addsherpa.com


No colleagues to hang out with!


Image credit: quickmeme.com
Image credit: quickmeme.com

When you’re alone, you start to miss those annoying coworkers of yours.

Maybe Jane types so loud because she’s can’t hear herself typing. Maybe Hanisah is always so stinky and always seems to smell like garlic because she’s afraid of vampires. And maybe, just maybe, deep down Greg is sad and wants someone to walk over and talk to him because that would explain the loud music that he plays on his computer. And it’s not even good music.

Maybe you were too hard on them. Maybe you’re the overly dramatic one who just can’t appreciate anything but whine all the time.

When you work from home, you can kiss the dream of having a beer with your colleagues or playing a mini game of badminton together, goodbye – because you don’t have any.


Your productivity might decrease!

That’s right, working at home could mean that your productivity might decrease because there’s lesser pressure from your employers. Even if you did an outstanding job, it’s likely that your boss/employers won’t notice your improvements.



With more and more organizations adopting the idea of allowing their employees to work from home, in addition to it’s popularity, it seems that this trend is here to stay. Although working from home is still a fantasy for most employees, its popularity among freelancers and some professionals’ means that it’s an interesting prospect. If you want a change of working environment or want to spend more time at home with your family and have the opportunity to do so, then it’s a prospect that’s too good to turn down.




How To Deal With These Problematic Colleagues At Work

Image credit: playbuzz.com
Image credit: britishcouncil.sg
Image credit: britishcouncil.sg

Whether you like it or not, you see your colleagues five days a week (at least most of you). Of course, it’s understandable that you may not get along with some of your colleagues so disagreements may occur from time to time, which may also lead to complex situations. But being a grown and matured adult as you are, you need to deal your problems professionally and set your differences aside to achieve the organization’s goal. Here are some ways to deal with these problematic colleagues at work:


1. Colleagues who complain too much

We all have to deal with our fair share of problems every now and then such as rewriting lengthy reports, dealing with office politics and of course, dealing with colleagues who complain too much.

Sometimes we can empathize with what they are facing, or sympathize because of the unfortunate injustice, but other times they might complain too much about matters that are insignificant and redundant – which in turn may affect your work performance.

How to deal with them: You won’t want to sound rude and be seen as apathetic, so try to express sympathy to their problems, but don’t encourage them to continue by asking more questions about their problems or boarding the complaint ship. Instead, you can agree with them by combining both verbal and non-verbal signs. For example, say something like “wow, that must’ve been tough. I could see why you’re upset.” then nod your head in agreement.

Alternatively, you can also divert their attention so that they can focus on more pressing matters, such as their opinion on a recent football game or reminding them on something important at work that needs to be completed.

Image credit: blog.lloydstaffing.com
Image credit: blog.lloydstaffing.com


2. Your colleague is too bossy/ is a bully

Remember the school bully who intimidated, disrespected, bossed you around and abused you? Well, the same people might exist at your workplace as well. You already have to deal with the stresses at work and at home, so having an additional problem is the last thing that you would want.

How to deal with it: Talk to them. Explain and provide examples of what they did that made you feel uncomfortable around them. Work things out on how to solve this problem between the both of you. Remember, don’t become overly offensive. Stay calm and explain the situation in a mature manner. If all else fails, then talk to your boss or bring this up to the HR department.


3. Colleagues who talk too loud


Image credit: linkedin.com
Image credit: linkedin.com

You’re trying to get your work done when one of your colleague is on the phone, talking about their personal problems or talking and laughing too loud – so loud that literally everyone at the office can hear the conversation.

Other times you hear some of your colleagues having loud conversations that you can’t help but feel like screaming at them so that they can have their conversation someplace else as it’s disrupting you and the rest of the office.

How to deal with it: First of all, calm yourself down. Refrain from raising your voice or throwing tantrums because you need to remain your professionalism at work and know that you’re in an office room with other people (including your boss), not a pasar malam. Then kindly tell them that they should take their conversation to somewhere more private or they could talk after work because they’re free to do what they want after that.


4. Colleagues who smell

If you think what could be worse than noisy colleagues, then you ain’t seen the worst yet.

When someone with a bad B.O sits next to you or close enough, it can be severely offensive to you and those around you. And unfortunately, they may not be aware of how they smell.

It’s also difficult to be honest with them with a personal problem such as this and to be honest with them because it could seriously hurt their self-esteem.

How to deal with it: The best option would be to take this matter to your manager so that he/she can deal with them in private. However, if you want to talk to them, don’t just go screaming “holy molly, did something die inside of you?” or “hey xxx, i hate to break it to you, but you smell like sweaty socks.” in front of everyone else, or make jokes behind his/her back as it’ll crush them.

Instead, pull him/her aside and tell them politely and get to the point, but don’t mock them. Try something like “I’m just going to be honest with you, you may or may not realize it and this may be uncomfortable for you, but you have a slight problem with body odour.”


5. Idea thief

Okay, so you have a brilliant idea that could benefit the organization in the long run – whether if it’s a cost-saving strategy or a new business plan that could potentially take the organization forward, but you’re unsure whether if it’s a brilliant idea yet, so you pitch the idea to a colleague of yours beforehand to get his/her feedback.

To your horror, you see the same colleague pitching your idea in front of you and your bosses at the next office meeting. You can’t help but feel like a fool because someone just took credibility which should’ve been rightfully yours.

How to deal with it: The first thing you want to do is to remain calm and avoid lashing out at that colleague emotionally. Next, talk to that colleague, ask him/her why did they pitched your idea. Observe their body language so that you can get a better indication whether or not if they’re lying. If they are defensive about it, it’s quite likely that they’re not acknowledging that they stole your idea so you would want to talk to your boss about it.






8 Types Of Species That You Might Find At Work

Image credit: talkorigins.org

Everyone is unique and different. We all come in different shapes and sizes and exhibit different personalities so we need to learn how to adapt and live symbiotically with each other. The work place is no exception, you might encounter these 8 different and peculiar types of species at your workplace:


1. The Complainer (Trichechus Vitulina)

If your desk is right next to or in the range of the complainer, then you’re out of luck. The best way for you to deal with this is to pray that the complainer is not in their berserk-complaining mood.

The complainer is ruthless when it comes to nagging, and won’t stop yapping until either he or she has nothing to yap about or they’ve exhausted their salivary glands.

They’ll complain about everything ranging from Monday blues, the weather, having to work overtime and how loud your other colleagues speak when they’re on the phone. On the topic of noisy colleagues, the next species is also commonly found at the workplace:


2. The pianist (Amphiprioninae Amoyensis)

Such intensity, such movement, such purpose. The pianist move their fingers at so much speed and elegance like Mozart playing one of his symphonies. The only problem is that they are typing on their keyboard, not playing a piano, hence the name the pianist.


Image credit: someecards.com
Image credit: someecards.com

Highly distracting, the pianist types so loud that you feel like you’re at a construction site and is one of the reasons why your train of thought is always breaking down. Furthermore, they seem to have a turbulent relationship with their keyboard, judging from the ferocity of how they type.


3. Mr/Ms “Kepoh” (Tachyglossus Minor)


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

Mr/Ms. “Kepoh” is always asking questions about you and sometimes even personal ones. They’ll continue to bug you until you feed them enough juicy information to leave you alone.

Once you’ve ignited their curiosity, their eyes dilate and enlarge, their breathing becomes more rapid, the hairs on their arm and back bristles, and their smile becomes wider (Don’t worry, they’re not turning into a werewolf it’s just how their body reacts when they’re stimulated).

Whenever you leave the boss’s office, they’ll like to know the details. When you’re absent from work, they’ll call you and ask about you. Heck, even when you come out of the toilet, they’ll ask what took you so long.

When “Mr/Ms Kepoh” has you in their sights, do not say anything that may ignite their interest and definitely do not leave any scraps for them to be sniffing around you. Just stay absolutely still or play dumb – the same way how you would fend off a T-Rex (At least according to Jurassic Park).


4. The slacker (Tarsouatta Fulgalunga)


Image credit: dumpaday.com
Image credit: dumpaday.com

The slacker thinks that his/her only role is to show up for work. Any other “actual” work done considers as an extra workload.

Watch as every member of your team endure sleepless nights and survive on excessive caffeine intake to complete a proposal while the slacker contributes nothing but the title of the proposal and then to everyone’s horror, share the credit of the hard work of others.

The slacker also spends more time updating and browsing through their social media accounts and watching YouTube than doing actual work.


5. The overly pushy one (Caimynnis Iguanone)


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net

The pushy one is constantly striving to be the no.1 at everything and fully expects you to follow suit. They’ll push your endurance beyond your absolute limit and won’t stop until your life expectancy drops by 5 years.


6. The information highway/news feed (Okapocampa Harreus)

This species can spread information faster than a Ferrari going downhill on an ice slope. They are also the source of all the gossip and rumours within the organization ranging from the top of the corporate ladder to the bottom. Always be careful of what you say when dealing with the information highway/news feed, because your darkest secrets will be in the headlines the next morning.


7. The loner (Apis Rubecula)

The loner lingers in the wild alone. They are rarely seen interacting with others, they’re often glued to their seats and are always with their headphones. They prefer to be left alone in their natural habitat and will politely decline any sort of invitation to socialize.

To this day, the habitat of the loner still baffles scientists, but alas, scientific data are still difficult to obtain because of the nature of this fascinating and peculiar species. Consider yourself lucky if you hear the loner speaking to you, because you have a higher chance to find the Lost City of Atlantis.


8. Mr/Ms. Know-it-all (Indryptula Cirron)

Mr/Ms. Know-it-all is a prominent species that appears in virtually every industry, so don’t be surprised that they are also on this list. Mr/Ms. Know-it-all is always bragging and patronizing others with their “extensive” knowledge, and pointing out how the others are executing things wrongly.

When dealing with Mr/Ms. Know-it-all, do tread lightly, and try not to stimulate any sort of questions or debate because it’s highly possible that they will not stop until you raise the white flag.


*The scientific names are purely fictional that are generated and obtained from fantasynamegenerators.com









How To Stretch Your Ringgit At Work

Image credit: chicagonow.com
Image credit: chicagonow.com
Image credit: chicagonow.com


Everyone’s trying to save a buck these days. But who can blame them for trying to live more frugally? The rising cost of living, GST, the depreciating Ringgit, the volatile economy and other various factors have seen people all over the country tightening their purse strings and finding ways to stretch their money, including at work. So here are some ways to help you to cut down your expenses without being viewed as too extreme:


1. Use coupons!

You love coupons. We love coupons. Everyone loves coupons. Coupons are good.

There are plenty of coupons out there just waiting for you to cut them out and use them so that they can fulfill the purpose of their existence. So do them a favor and use them!

Furthermore, there are an abundance of online promotion deals that lets you save up on meals on various sites such as Groupon.my and malaysiafreebies.my, and they’re not only strictly limited to food only as they also have discounts on just about anything.


2. Use your legs!

Image credit: thestar.com.my
Image credit: thestar.com.my

Walk more and drive less. Malaysia is already one of the fattest countries in Asia and the fattest nation in Southeast Asia. So although that’s an unhealthy and alarming sign, it’s not surprising at all considering that Malaysians generally prefer to avoid walking unless when it’s necessary.

Not only will walking save you money on fuel and parking, you get to burn some calories as well as have some light exercise. Unless if you really need to, you don’t necessarily need to drive out for lunch if the place is just a walking distance from your workplace.


3. Carpool during lunch

Image credit: vulcanpost.com
Image credit: vulcanpost.com

If you’re going out for lunch with your colleagues, another option would be to carpool together with them. Take turns to carpool so that it’s even-steven between everyone.


4. Bring your own meals

Image credit: thekitchn.com
Image credit: thekitchn.com

Cook your own meals at home and bring them to work. It’s a no-brainer that your home-cooked meals are much healthier, tastier(debatable), cleaner and most importantly, more affordable.

On average, you spend RM10 per meal more or less, that’s RM50 a week (if you work 5 days a week) and RM200 a month. And that’s excluding breakfast! With the absurd prices of food and beverages these days, you can save a whole lot just on meals.


5. Take the public transport

Want to cut cost on fuel, parking and toll? Then public transport is a cost-saving way for you spend your Ringgit more efficiently. You could potentially save up hundreds of Ringgit when you take the cost of fuel, exorbitant parking and toll rates into factors.


6. Take leverage of the pantry at the office

Your office would probably have all the essential items readily available such as coffee, sugar, tea, honey, bread, fruits, salt, juices and canned food, so you don’t really need to buy all these when they are already around in the office. The water cooler is also there so that you can drink to your heart’s content. Perhaps it’s not the most ethical way when you savage the food and beverages that are at your office, but hey, when someone’s gotta save, they gotta save.


7. Opt for season parking

Image credit: menaracitibank.com
Image credit: menaracitibank.com

It may prove costly when it comes to parking especially if you work in the main areas of the city or town. Opt for season parking as it will benefit you in the long run plus you might have the benefit of having a parking spot specially reserved for you. In addition to that, you won’t have to worry if you have small change to pay for your daily parking expenses.


8. Don’t order drinks (or order plain water)

Image credit: scienceblogs.com
Image credit: scienceblogs.com

It may sound too extreme but it’s not that difficult to execute especially if you think about it from a logical perspective: do you really need to order beverages when it’s nothing more than liquid? Some places also overcharge their drinks and probably cost nearly as much as a meal.

Sugary drinks such as soft drinks and those overly sweet “teh tariks” do not benefit you in any way, apart from craving your sweet tooth. Furthermore, sugary drinks lead to diabetes and it contributes to your weight as well.

Finally, water is beyond keeping you hydrated. Not only is drinking water affordable, but water contains no calories and it helps to regulate your metabolism. In addition to that, some places still don’t charge you for a glass of water. If you want to save money on drinks, you can always bring your own water bottle with you.


9. Manage your expenses

Most vitally though, you should always calculate your daily expenses as it is a guideline for you to manage your spending. The urge for not spending can be massively challenging, considering that your conscious mind is always trying to reason and justify the need to spend, only for you to regret it later when you realize that you’ve overspent or overpaid for something redundant.


Image credit: businessnewsdaily.com
Image credit: businessnewsdaily.com

If you can’t make decisions and need some help, then free mobile apps such as Expense Manager works wonderfully well to help you judge your daily expenses and to determine whether if it’s cost-saving or not. You can also keep track of spending in the past and then do a comparison to see if your spending pattern has changed over the months.









Late To Work Again?

Image credit: pinterest.com
Image credit: thenextweb.com
Image credit: thenextweb.com


Being punctual is instilled in some people. For others, it might seem like it’s impossible to be punctual as if the universe is working against them to cause them delays.

If you’re one of those who can’t seem to manage your time properly and regularly find yourself to be one of the last person to walk in the door, your punctuality record may be a problem in the long run and that’s when complications start to kick in.

Don’t throw in the towel just yet however, the truth is, there are no secret recipes or formulas for getting to work on time. In fact, the solutions are a simple set of habitual traits of procedures, organization and planning. Fret not, because here are some tips to help you:

1. Get your stuff ready the night before

Ever find yourself caught in the “decisions, decisions” kind of scenario when trying to pick out your wardrobe? Desperately tearing the house apart because you can’t seem to find your car keys when you’re already running late? Starting your car only to find out that your car is running low on fuel?

If you find yourself repeating these situations over and over, then perhaps you need to prepare the things that you need to execute in advance.

Select your clothes and lay them out so that you won’t have to spend minutes every day deciding what to wear. If you’re planning on preparing your own meals then get the ingredients ready the night before.

Pack everything that you need to bring along into your bags and leave your keys, socks, wallet and phone at one designated spot so that you won’t scramble searching for them and can grab them on your way out of the door – killing a few birds with one stone.

Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net


2. Keep a checklist

List down the things that you need to both bring and prepare for work ahead of time. Keep it simple, short and concise, but detailed. If you want to be on the safe side, make extra copies of your checklist just in case if you misplaced the original one.

If you’re concerned about the environment and saving trees, then you could always utilize technology by using mobile apps such as simplest checklist, checklist or Google Keep to keep you actively reminded.


There are plenty of apps out there that could provide you better time management. (Image credit: computerandyou.net)
There are plenty of apps out there that could provide you better time management. (Image credit: computerandyou.net)


3. Get out of bed early


Image credit: flickr.com
Image credit: flickr.com

It’s hard to get out of bed when you’re all warm and cozy that’s understandable, but if you find getting out of bed taxing, it boils down to mainly two things: 1) You lack sufficient sleep and 2) You find it extremely challenging to get out of bed, especially psychologically.

If you lack sufficient sleep, it’s only natural that you’re too tired to get out of bed. The solution then is that you should go to bed earlier and get at least 7 hours of sleep a day. Going to bed earlier not only ensures that you have enough sleep, but also complements your health. Furthermore, you’ll have ample time to prepare for your day.

Give yourself plausible reasons as motivation to wake up early, whether if it’s a reward – like food or something that you need to complete, or something that you can look forward to by waking up early in the morning. You’ll soon find those “another 5 minutes” to stay in bed excuses slowly disappearing. If you’re both excited and looking forward to go to work then this probably won’t even be a burden to you.

With just a simple act of psychology, you won’t find getting up a psychological barrier and tiresome but instead you will both look forward and feel eager to start your day positively.


4. Prepare for contingency

You’re out of your house early, pleased and confident of arriving early to work. You already picture the euphoric look on your boss’s face when he/she sees you early for the meeting. But then something unexpected occurred: the train stalled. Your car won’t start. An accident happened and caused a massive traffic delay.

Granted, accidents do happen and you can’t predict them, but you can anticipate them. You need to prepare for these kind of consequences and have at least a contingency plan.

Perhaps you can take measures such as ensuring that you service your car regularly or checking for updates on traffic delays before you leave your house, so that you can take a different route. At the very least you’ll have the time not just to formulate a plan B, but a plan C, D and E as well.


5. Set the time of your clocks, watches and phone to an earlier time

Change the time of the clocks and watches in your home (including your phone) 15, 20, or 25 minutes earlier from the actual time if it’s possible, so that not only will you wake up and sleep earlier, but you’ll be early for meetings as well. In fact, everything that you do is ahead of time and you won’t have to worry about punctuality.


6. Make it a habitual process

Try to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, eventually your biological clock will get accustomed to it and you’ll find yourself actively awake without needing to hit the snooze button. Once it’s a habit, getting up early will come naturally for you as you’ll also find yourself ready to wake up instead of having to wake up.


7. Don’t sweat the small stuffs

Of course, getting up early doesn’t necessarily guarantee punctuality. Try to focus your energy on the bigger picture – like what you should really be spending your energy and effort on. Some of us might wake up early, but we spend too much of our precious time on insignificant things such as mulling over what to wear to work and spending too much time in the bathroom all because we take advantage of having that extra time to spare. If we waste too much time on such things, whatever time leverage we have, will never be enough.

You’re up early for because obviously you want to achieve something important.  Don’t get distracted by the small things and lose your course.


8. Train yourself to take punctuality seriously


Image credit: memegenerator.net
Image credit: memegenerator.net


Maybe you think that being on time doesn’t really matter especially in a culture like Malaysia where it’s a generally acceptable norm, but this will affect you both as a person as well as a professional on many levels.

Firstly, people might not trust you to handle big responsibilities because of your poor time management.

Secondly, if you don’t take being punctual seriously, there’s a high possibility that you might not take other responsibilities seriously as well. How you discipline yourself to take control of your life and the standards that you set for yourself can been seen through your actions. No matter how hard you try to convince your superiors, action speaks louder than words.

And lastly, people might get upset if you keep them waiting all the time. Eventually, you’ll be infamously known for your bad habit and it might be the thing that people associate you with. You don’t want a bad reputation looming over your head do you? As William Shakespeare famously once said: “Better three hours too soon, than one minute too late.”





The Perks Of Being Early For Work

Image credit: usnews.com
Image credit: usnews.com

Traffic jams, packed buses and trains, discourteous and reckless drivers, people who smell – depending on your mode of transportation, these are the things that you practically need to deal with on your way to work. Even though it’s painfully obvious that traffic occurs during peak hours, it’s still perplexing when you think about why people would go through the same routines day in day out when they could start the day off positively with just a little discipline and control of their life. A simple task of jumping out of bed early to get to work would devoid you of having to go through this agonizing process. It’s a great advantage but of course there are other perks of being early for work:


You have more hours to spare

Getting up early means that you’ll have more time to spare before heading to work, whether if it’s spending 5 minutes with your family in the morning or enjoying your breakfast at home while reading the paper. You’ll even have time to do your chores, head to the gym or go for a jog.

Image credit: becomegorgeous.com
Image credit: becomegorgeous.com


Most people would be dead tired by the time they’ve arrived home and the dread of doing chores would most likely increase fatigue and stress. By the time they’ve finished taking a shower, have dinner and watch a little TV, they would already be too exhausted to do anything else – including spending quality time with their family. If they don’t even have the privilege to enjoy and spend time in their own home, where’s the point in that really?

In your case however, you’ve probably finished the majority of your chores and can head home truly relaxed. You can have a proper dinner, spend some time with your love ones and you even have the time to do what you were too busy to do at work such as reading, meditating and playing a game of football with your friends. That way, you can loosen up and enjoy your life a little.


Your boss would be impressed

You’re one of the first if not the first person to walk through the door, and that means you start work earlier to get things organized before anyone walks in. Subsequently, your productivity increases and you have more time to get your work done. Most crucially though, your boss would be impressed with your punctuality and work ethic. A likely promotion is no doubt on the cards for you sooner rather than later.

Image credit: hongkiat.com
In conclusion boss, the organization’s profit will increase substantially if I get promoted and a pay rise. (Image credit: hongkiat.com)


Beating the traffic and avoiding congested buses/trains

Nobody enjoys being stuck in traffic or getting crammed in the packed train like sardines in a can. If you’re driving, you need to deal with unethical drivers who make your blood boil not to mention that your petrol are wasted by the minute as you remain helpless in the stagnant traffic.

If you take the public transport, it isn’t reliable especially when you’re in a hurry. To make matters worse, all the ugly side of human nature – cutting queue, cursing, shoving and groping – leave you wondering if you should be proud of being considered as the same species.


More parking spaces


Image credit: honolulumagazine.com
Not sure if I’m early, or if it’s a public holiday. (Image credit: honolulumagazine.com)


If you’re late for work, consider yourself lucky that you managed to find yourself a parking slot. Otherwise, it might force you to resort to park your vehicle illegally – and that leads to hefty fines. Not only that, you’re guilty of obstructing and contributing to traffic.

When you’re early for work on the other hand, you have ample parking slots to choose from and don’t have to worry about searching for parking slots.

If you’re taking the public transport, then it’s likely that there are more available seats and you don’t have to pray that you might be standing in a packed bus or train and next to someone with a strong B.O, on your long commute to work.


You get to save money!

It’s simple, you get to prepare your own meals or have breakfast at home which is not only healthier but easier on your wallet as well. By contrast, if you’re running late for work, you would probably spend money on your meals because you could not prepare them earlier.

It could potentially put a dent on your finances especially if you add the higher cost of living and expenses into the picture.

You’ll become more efficient at work


Image credit: hpa.com.eg
Image credit: hpa.com.eg


Being early at work means that you have more time to work on things and that ultimately ensures improvement in your efficiency as well as time management, which again leads to more productivity.

You get to prioritize what feasible direction to take and that saves you time to work on something else. Look around you; most successful people are always one of the first to be at the office and one of the last to leave, and they’re almost always ready to move on to the next thing right after they’ve finished something.

Your day won’t be one mad rush


Image credit: theworldofchinese.com
You tend to wear the wrong pants when you’re in a hurry. (Image credit: theworldofchinese.com)

You get to take your time to plan and prepare what to do and can afford to take things slow. In addition to that, you pay more attention to your surroundings and have more time to calmly think about things – which stimulates ideas and inspirations.

People who are in a rush are usually forgetting things but since you’ve likely planned your day already, you have the luxury to proceed according to your plan to ease up some unnecessary burden on yourself. For example, you already have your pen, laptop and you notebook ready and raring to go when the other person is struggling to even arrive on time for the meeting.


You have the time to adapt to changes

An important lesson that we’ve learned in life is that things don’t always go according to plan, there will always something unexpected whether if it’s last-minute corrections or a sudden change of plan. But that won’t be a problem for you if you have the time to adapt. Imagine if you’re already running late and suddenly your boss calls and orders you to change some contents in the slides for the presentation.

In contrast, if you’re at work early, you can calmly review and correct any mistakes in the slides in the event that amendments are required, plus it’ll make you look professional!








Signs That You’re Unpopular At Work

Image credit: hubpages.com
Image credit: hubpages.com
Image credit: hubpages.com

Humans are by nature, social creatures – a fact that Socrates seems to agree. We work together as a society, divide our labor and acquire knowledge from other human beings.

On the other hand, not everyone is a social butterfly; some of us have difficulty in socializing with others as seamlessly, and that includes at the workplace. So without further ado, we present the signs that you’re the black sheep at work:

You have trouble having a conversation for even a few seconds

You’re in the pantry making a cup of coffee and in walks a colleague or superior of yours. The best thing that your brain can think of are: a) conjuring a forceful and confusing half-smile (that resembles more like you’re battling constipation) followed quickly by b) getting the heck out of there as soon as you can before those cliché and awkward “how was your weekend” or “how are you doing” conversations begins.

You also find yourself having robotic, one-dimensional and close-ended answers/questions and usually ends with an awkward “I would like to talk more about this, but I’ve gotta get back to work” closing or either one of you leaving gingerly.


Jane? Kimberly? Tim, Kumar….or is it Peter?

Getting someone’s name right is hugely pivotal as it makes us feel respected and significant because it acknowledges that at least that someone makes an effort to remember us, despite some of us may have names that are longer and sound more foreign than even the most complex chemical terms.

However, if nobody seems to remember your name or you’re often mistaken with the wrong person or have to constantly correct people because they’ve wrongly pronounced your name, then chances are you are without any reasonable doubt, probably irrelevant, especially when everyone can remember Jimmy the janitor but not yours.

And you’ve been there since like, in the 19th century.


You don’t join/get invited to company events

You don’t find yourself socializing or hanging out much with your colleagues and you don’t seem particularly interested to join company events as you rather spend your time playing Dungeons & Dragons or reading a book. Perhaps even more sadly for you, you don’t even get an invitation to company events – which means that you are so obsolete that your colleagues even forgot to include you in the list.

More crushingly for you, you see Jimmy the janitor tagged on Facebook in the group photo at a company event – posing with the others.


People either seem perplexed to see you or don’t seem to notice you

If you’re in the pantry making a cup of coffee and yet still manage to ignite a small talk for a few seconds or a couple of minutes, then you’re doing fine because at least you’re not invisible. But some of you might experience being ignored as if that you’re made out of thin air that they can walk through, or see the confused faces of colleagues as you enter the office as if you look like Chewbacca dressed in a Kimono.


You have lunch alone


Image credit: culturedvultures.com

You spend your lunch eating alone sitting on a bench at a park feeding pigeons. When you eat at the office it’s always at a secluded area when no other living soul could be seen.

Your invites to have lunch together are always almost rebuffed and your visits to a restaurant during lunch hours are usually greeted with “table for one sir/miss?” followed by a wry smile from the waiter.


Your opinions are not considered

You have a feasible solution for the problem that is currently at hand but no one seems to take your ideas seriously as there are always seen as superficial or not “in line with the company”. Your ideas are also always rejected more often than you can remember.


There are cricket sounds during coffee breaks

A coffee break with a group is a sacred practice that is usually a slot to socialize among fellow colleagues which usually leads to interesting conversations – even with people who you hardly speak to at work.

But if there’s an awkward silence during coffee breaks when you’re around and your fellow colleague prefers to play Angry Birds on their phone than starting a conversation, then you know that even that something as sacred as that doesn’t apply to you.

Image credit: kotaku.com


However, it’s okay to be different because not everyone can belong to a particular social group. If you happen to be different then you should be proud and learn to accept this because at least you’re different and original and not the archetypal or the exact template of people around you.

If you have confidence issues, then you could attend workshops to build your confidence or if that doesn’t work, you could always be a little honest to your colleagues and tell them how you feel. If they can’t accept that, then don’t be devastated either, don’t spread rumors about your colleagues and just be yourself because your unique personality will eventually attract others just like you.